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 +====== Baron von Harkonnen Murdered! ======
 +  =--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--Baron von Harkonnen Murdered!--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=-
 +        ID:        harko_clue
 +        Old name:  Baron von Harkonnen murdered!
 +        Points:    3
 +        Planet:    Giedi Prime
 +        Solved(2): Kain,Radiant
 +        Old hint:
 +    Baron von Harkonenn IX has been murdered! The murder took place last
 +    evening at the Harkonnen Estate on Giedi prime. Apparently Baron von
 +    Harkonenn IX was not well liked and there are several suspects being
 +    detained at the  Estate. Travel  there and  aid Inspector Snyder in
 +    his investigation.
 +  =--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--Baron von Harkonnen Murdered!--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=-
 +It is fairly straightforward if you're familiar with the boardgame "Clue".
 +The manor is ''2w alls'' from GP AP.
 +Inspector Snyder is, unhelpfully, hiding in one of the several secret passages. 
 +<spoiler> It is ''s, all w, 'open curtains' '' from the manor entrance. </spoiler> 
 +After you find him you must, like in "Clue" obtain cards. You can either find them by searching or just kill everything in sight. There are 20 cards.
 +After you have the cards, compare the ones you have to three lists found in the manor. 
 +<spoiler> First is on the kitchen table.
 +Second is in the lounge.
 +Third is in the Study. </spoiler>
 +Return to Snyder and say "Guess" once you've figured it all out.