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 +--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=Deliver a vial to the Baron--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--
 + ID:        poison_vial
 + Old name:  Deliver a vial to the Baron
 + Points:    4
 + Planet:    Tleilax
 + Solved(0):
 + Old hint:
 +    The Baron Vladimir Harkonnen has ordered a vial from the Tleilaxu
 +    face dancers. Unfortunately it never arrived. Go to the labs on
 +    Tleilax and find the vial. Bring it back to the Baron.
 +    Note: This quest is once again completeable as of 6/21/21.
 +--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=Deliver a vial to the Baron--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--
 +The lab is inside the main city on Tleilax, not outside the gates.
 +Inside the lab you have two hurdles: getting into the director's office and unlocking his desk drawer.
 +Once you get the vial, return to the Baron on Giedi Prime and 'give' it to him. This completes the quest.