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Dune Mud is a classic LP Mud based on killing 'monsters' (in our case, mostly just human enemies) to gain experience and raise your levels and stats.

Why play Dune? First off, its different from most other Muds. You won't be forced to decide critical character traits right when you start the game, before you know anything about it. You won't have to decide much at all, besides your name, gender, and handedness (though an early guild choice won't hurt!). The rest of the character specialization occurs later, when you can make informed decisions. Another difference is you won't find any mages, clerics, dragons, hobbits, or any other sort of generic fantasy role playing icon on Dune Mud. You'll find Frank Herbert's world of Dune, and all that it has to offer. So if you are tired of deciding whether to be an elven fighter/mage/thief or a half elven fighter/cleric/bard/etc, see what we have to offer.

Why else? We have friendly players, some of the friendliest you'll find. We have lots of social atmosphere and a broad channel system for communicating with anyone (or everyone) on the Mud. We have near unlimited levels and stats, and a choice of ten different guilds on eight different planets with different powers, abilities, drawbacks and advantages. In other words, you're guaranteed to have fun, and be different. We've got an active wizard staff. We're constantly adding, updating, fixing, and rewriting portions of the Mud to keep it changing, up to date, and adaptable to the players.

Why else? We've got players from all over the world. Spanning from Canada, Singapore, Hawaii, Alaska, California, all across the United States, to Ireland, England, Belgium, Poland, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Israel, just to name a few. Ever talked to people from outside your country on a friendly, easy basis? It can be an educating and informative experience for both parties. Thats one of best things about mudding - not having to watch the Weather Channel to see what the weather is like in France.

Why else? Its free. Its low bandwidth (yes, even your old 14.4 modem on that dusty 486 can handle it). Most of all, its fun.

Why do we want you to play it? No, we don't make a profit, we make no money at all. No, we don't want you to fail your classes, get fired from your job, or sink into a state of social denial. We just want you to have fun, and we (the wizard staff, and the existing players) would love to have you in our community.


  • Established in ~1992 by Arfang and Slash
  • Originally hosted and developed in France
  • Currently owned by Orbital
  • Current Emperor (Head of Administration) - Bubbs, Orbital, Paradox

MUD Info

  • Ten guilds, each with unique powers and weaknesses
  • Eight planets with different climates, look and feel
  • 2600+ armours and 2700+ weapons
  • Over 30000+ rooms in hundreds of areas
  • Averages ~20-30 connected players
  • LP-MUD running on the LD Mud Driver.
  • Totally custom lib in development since the early 90's.
  • Written in LPC
  • Opt-in Playerkilling
  • Levels 1 through 1000
  • Based on the rich Dune Universe