Mudlet and Dune

Mudlet is a completely free (and open source) MUD client that supports: MacOS, Windows, Linux, and even Chromebooks. It's a great MUD client to choose to play Dune. Here we've collected some tips and configurations that help Mudlet users play Dune.

  • Connecting Securely with Mudlet. Use Dune's secure TLS-enabled port to protect your data with strong encryption.
  • Creating a Chat Capture Window - don't miss out on channel conversations while you're deep in combat. Have channel messages appear in their own dedicated window!
  • Helpful Guild Regexs - capture status prompts with important guild specific statuses and information using these handy regular expressions.
  • Capturing GMCP data allows you to directly access all sorts of useful information, straight from the MUD! No regexs required!