Dune and GMCP

Generic Mud Communication Protocol (GMCP) is a way for Dune to send your MUD client extra information that isn't printed as game text. This is a helpful way to get extra context you can use for scripts and triggers. As a simple example, Dune can send a GMCP message to a GMCP enabled client when your character's health has changed so that you could automatically use a healing command.

GMCP Messages

Presently Dune only supports sending you GMCP messages as output. We do not support any GMCP input commands.

Some messages are sent whenever data changes, and will only contain the parts of the data that has changed since the last message. If you want to maintain a full picture of this kind of message's information you must store the data client-side as it arrives and update it over time. See the supported messages documentation that follows for more details.

Supported Modules

Dune supports opting in to different categories of GMCP messages by telling the game which your client supports. Some clients (like Mudlet) will do this automatically for some packages. Others (like Blightmud) require you to opt-in explicitly.

Name Description
Char Character information
Room Room information
Comm.Channel Channel information
Guild Guild specific information 1)

Supported Messages by Module

Messages marked as type “Full” will always send each data filed. Messages marked as type “Delta” will only send the fields that have changed since the last time the message was sent.


Message Name Sent When Type Notes
Char.Name Login only Full Useful for triggers to load per-character or per-guild settings.
Data Field Description Example
name Character name (all lowercase) “sneak”
fullname Character title “Sneak The Shadow Melder”
guild Character guild See note below.

The guild field will be one of the following values (case sensitive!2)): none, Atreid, Fremen, ixian, Gesserit, Harkonnen, Matres, Warrior, Speakers, Sardaurkar, Gesserit.


Message Name Sent When Type Notes
Char.Vitals At login, on change Delta Good for making health gauges, etc.
Data Field Description Example
hp Current hit points 123
maxhp Maximum3) hit points 200
sp4) Current concentration points (CP). 100
maxsp5) Maximum6) concentration points 150
string A string description of the vitals information. “H:123/200 M:100/150”


Message Name Sent When Type Notes
Char.Stats At login, on change Delta Base stats without modifiers.
Data Field Description Example
str Base Strength points 10
con Base Constitution points 12
int Base Intelligence points 8
wis Base wisdom points 9
dex Base dexterity points 15
qui Base quickness points 17


Message Name Sent When Type Notes
Char.MaxStats At login, on change Delta Effective stats with modifiers.
Data Field Description Example
maxstr Total Strength points 15
maxcon Total Constitution points 13
maxint Total Intelligence points 10
maxwis Total wisdom points 10
maxdex Total dexterity points 17
maxqui Total quickness points 19

Char.Status and Char.StatusVars

Message Name Sent When Type Notes
Char.Status At login, on change Delta Misc character status values.
Char.StatusVars At login, on change Delta Descriptive labels for each of the fields in Char.Status
Data Field Description
level Your player level
money Solaris your player is carrying
bankmoney Solaris your player has in the bank
short Your player's short description
guild Your player's guild name (or none).
subguild Your player's subguild (or none).
xp Your player's current exp.
maxxp Your player's current exp cap.
wimpy Your player's set wimpy percentage value.
wimpy_dir Your player's set preferred wimpy direction (or none).
aim Your player's set preferred aim location.
quest_points The number of quest points your player has.
kills Your total number of kills
deaths Your total number of deaths
explorer_rating Your explorer rating.
pk Whether or not you're pk (1 or 0).
inn Whether o not you have an inn rented (1 or 0).
global_exp_bonus The global exp bonus, if any (floating point number)
guild_exp_bonus The exp bonus for your guild, if any (floating point number)
explorer_exp_bonus Your personal explorer rating exp bonus, if any (floating point number)
personal_exp_bonus Your personal exp bonus, if any (floating point number)
total_exp_bonus Your total exp bonus including all of the bonuses mentioned above (floating point number)


Message Name Sent When Type Notes
Room.Info At login, whenever you move Full Useful for mapping.
Data Field Description Example
num Room number7). Uniquely identifies the room. “40ee12ff7ef7bcfc0f6b87fd4e6c6448”
“name” Short description of the room “Arrakeen Shuttle Landing Port”
area Lower-case name of the planet8) you're on. “arrakis”
environment Whether you're indoors or outdoors. “indoors”
exits A table/dictionary mapping from exit name to room ID9) See below.

Example room info:

  "name": "Arrakeen Shuttle Landing Port",
  "area": "arrakis",
  "num": "40ee12ff7ef7bcfc0f6b87fd4e6c6448"
  "environment": "outdoors",
  "exits": {
    "east": "baa2786919e34132d5096695e744a145",
    "west": "8ccbdd326a1db11dfd21a38f950c8aa8",
    "north": "22c354ced799589b3c0fd31ba457d854",
    "south": "44bded38d46d812602e63a0267c9fa7e"

Note: A few select areas that are highly custom may be missing exit information. This is a known issue and will hopefully be addressed in the future. The majority of areas will send correct GMCP data.


Message Name Sent When Type Notes
Comm.Channel.List At login Full Useful for setting up channel capture.
Data Field Description
command Command to use to speak on the channel.
enabled Whether the channel is on/off (0 or 1).
channel Name of the channel.
name Name of the channel.

Channel list information is sent only at login, and as an array. Each each array value is a dict with the data fields listed above.


    "command": "chat",
    "enabled": 1,
    "channel": "chat",
    "name": "chat"
    "command": "discord",
    "enabled": 0,
    "channel": "discord",
    "name": "discord"
    "command": "newbie",
    "enabled": 1,
    "channel": "newbie",
    "name": "newbie"


Message Name Sent When Type Notes
Comm.Channel.Text On channel message Full Capture these messages for channel capture.
Data Field Description
text Channel message text (includes speaker)
channel Name of the channel the message was sent on.
talker Name of the person that spoke.
channel_ansi Name of the channel (with ANSI colours).


  "text": "Paradox : yeee\n",
  "channel_ansi": "\u001b[1m[\u001b[0m\u001b[31mchat\u001b[0m\u001b[1m]\u001b[0m",
  "talker": "Paradox",
  "channel": "chat"

By default channel messages will be sent both in-game and over GMCP for clients that opt-in to the Comm.Channel module. If you want channel messages to be sent only over GMCP, then set gmcp_chans on in-game. To restore the original behaviour: unset gmcp_chans. If you use this setting make sure you have a GMCP channel capture trigger configured or you won't see any channel messages!!!


Client Setup

How to use GMCP messages sent by Dune depends on which MUD client you're using.


You can use gmod.enableModule(“USERNAME”, “XXX”) from Lua code to opt-in to a supported module. E.g. use gmod.enableModule(“sneak”, “Comm.Channel”) to have in-game channel echo turned off and channel messages sent only via GMCP. You can use whatever you want for the first username argument, it has no relation to your in-game character.

By default Mudlet enables Char and Room modules, and Dune sends Guild by default. Only enable Comm.Channel if you have set up a channel capture trigger.

See the Mudlet wiki for more information.


To use Dune's GMCP data in Blightmud you'll have to set up a script that will register some of the supported packages described above, and add handlers to do something with the received data.

You can use gmcp.register(“XXXX”) from Lua code to opt-in to a supported module. E.g. use gmcp.register(“Comm.Channel”) to have in-game channel echo turned off and channel messages sent only via GMCP.


function gmcp_init()
  --Uncomment next line to see all raw GMCP messages (good for debugging).
  -- Register some packages to get information sent from the MUD.
 -- Example handler for receiving room info
  gmcp.receive('Room.Info', function(data)
    obj = json.decode(data)
    blight.output("You're now in room: " .. data['name'])

See /help gmcp from inside Blightmud for more information.


Other MUD clients that support GMCP can be made to work with Dune but it will require you to figure out how to configure it. Consider adding steps to this wiki page!

Enabled automatically for all GMCP clients.
yes, the inconsistency is annoying
hp may be higher than normal maxhp if you are above 100% HP in-game
named sp instead of cp to match common GMCP usage
named maxsp instead of maxcp to match common GMCP usage
sp may be higher than normal maxsp if you are above 100% CP in-game
For reasons, Dune uses a hash string and not a number
In the future we may send more specific area names
remember, it's a hash