Old DuneMUD News

Items moved from the home page as they become less relevant.

Date Update
Oct 14th, 2023 The Fremen thumper and maker hooks have been fixed, allowing worm riding once more. See in-game guild news for more information.
Sep. 17, 2023 The Honored Matres guild shop has a new “training cuffs” item available for purchase. See in-game guild news for more information.
June 14th, 2023 The skillcheck command can now calculate how much exp is required to advance a given skill to a specified level. See help skillcheck.
May 30th, 2023 The Fremen train command has been reworked and now has the potential to give both parties an exp boost. See fhelp train.
May 29th, 2023 Emoji support has been extended to pretitles. The wiki has been updated to the latest version.
May 27th, 2023 Dune has upgraded to LDMud 3.6.6, added emoji support to channels, and rolled out many GMCP improvements. See in-game news for details.
May 19th, 2023 Dune is now listed on GameScry. If you create an account you can 'Upvote' our listing to help attract more players.
May 17th, 2023 In-game news posts are now also echoed to the Discord #mud-updates channel.
May 17th, 2023 The IMG and Bene Gesserit guilds have received minor upgrades. See guild news in-game for more detail.
Apr 19th, 2023 Some TinTin++ documentation for GMCP was added to the wiki. Thanks Fufa!
Apr 17th, 2023 The Easter Egg Hunt is over. Congratulations to the Atreides guild and Neworder!
Apr 6th, 2023 The annual Easter Egg Hunt has begun! See in game news for details.
Feb 3rd, 2023 The Giedi Wilderness, Salusa Desert, Arrakis Desert, Tleilax Forest, and Wallach Forest have had their automatic maps improved.
Jan 19th, 2023 All guilds now have some form of GMCP support. Many thanks to Math for his hard work on this!
Jan 18th, 2023 Some brief Mudlet documentation for GMCP support has been added to the wiki.
Jan 1st, 2023 Initial GMCP support has been added to the Fish Speaker guild.
Dec 31st, 2022 Initial GMCP support has been added to the Atreides and Harkonnen guilds.
Nov. 13th, 2022 A new kills command has been added to show kill history/exp gains per-session.
Nov. 13th, 2022 We've added support for MSSP.
Nov. 11th, 2022 The Harkonnen guild has received a tune-up with some major changes. See in-game guild news or Discord for more information.
Oct 27th, 2022 The steal command has been updated to allow stealing solaris.
Oct 8th, 2022 The evaluate command will now indicate a monster's race if your skill level is high enough.
July 26th, 2022 The Honored Matres guild has been upgraded. See guild news for details.
July 18th, 2022 A new area has been added to Wallach northwest of the main town. Warning: very large monsters (850+)
July 17th, 2022 1.5x exp, 1.5x solaris drop, and 1.5x socket drop bonuses are in effect for the next 48 hours!
July 17th, 2022 The score command has been reworked to better display exp/solaris/socket bonuses in effect.
Jun 2nd, 2022 A new area has been added to Wallach, Castle Sylvan. Monsters are lvl 450+ and best suited for upper-level players.
Jun 2nd, 2022 Experience crystals have been reworked. See in-game news, or the #mud-updates Discord channel for more info.
May 17th, 2022 The damage competition has returned! Visit 'up' from Chapterhouse AP. The contest ends June 24th
April 23rd, 2022 The egg hunt prizes have been announced. See in-game news, or the #mud-updates Discord channel.
April 18th, 2022 The Atreides guild has won the egg hunt! Fish Speakers and Fremen in 2nd/3rd. Kudos to Demona, Neworder and Baldur for finding the most eggs.
April 10th, 2022 The annual Dune easter egg hunt has begun! Deposit the eggs you find in the depository 3s,w from Caladan AP.
April 4th, 2022 There's a new command gains which displays your skills' change for the current session. It's aliased to skillcheck -h as well.
March 31st, 2022 Backpacks have been reworked. There is now one size and variable gravitizer slots.
March 27th, 2022 The Ixian spire area now has additional human opponents.
March 5th, 2022 Guild-issued weapons now properly support socket upgrades.
November 26th, 2021 The Chapterhouse No-Ship area has been upgraded with more, larger, enemies.
November 25th, 2021 Playerkilling level ranges after vowing revenge increased.
November 21st, 2021 MUD server upgraded for better uptime and performance.
November 19th, 2021 Ixian guild AM levels adjusted. Two new weapons and two new missile types added.
October 29th, 2021 Halloween approaches. Hoards of undead carrying prize tokens have broken loose across the MUD.
October 4th, 2021 The Bene Gesserit Warriors guild levelling system and blade upgrade costs have been revamped.
September 30th, 2021 The 'channels' command now supports searching. See 'help channels' for more information.
September 2nd, 2021 Socket bins now periodically convert 4 sockets of the same kind into one socket of that kind at +1 level
August 12th, 2021 The Ixian spire area and quest have been re-added to the game with scaled up monsters.
August 5th, 2021 Sublevels have been removed. Experience costs for levels above 500 scale normally.
August 1st, 2021 Dune has updated to 64bits, the max exp cap has been raised to 9 billion.
July 3rd, 2021 An old quest was re-added, and the monsters scaled up to level ~650.
July 3rd, 2021 Dune has updated from LDMud 3.3.x to 3.5.x and added a secure TLS port.
June 12th, 2021 Dune has updated from LDMud 3.2.x to LDMud 3.3x, picking up ~10 years of updates.
June 7th, 2021 A new area on Salusa Secondus has been opened.