Atreides Guild GMCP

Atreides guild information is sent in the Char.Guild modules and several dedicated submodules.

Submodule Content
Char.Guild.Stats General Information
Char.Guild.Skills Trainable Guild Skills Information
Char.Guild.Erations Eration Information
Char.Guild.Shieldbelt Shieldbelt Information
Char.Guild.Grenades Grenade Bandolier Information

Details below.


Data Field Description
GuildLevel Your Guild Level.
Honor How many Honor Points you have.
Prestige How many Prestige points you have.
UsedPrestige How many of your Prestige points are free.
Gexp Your current gexp total.
NextGuildLevelCost How much gexp is required for the next Guild level.
GuildStatus If you are a Guild Leader, otherwise blank.
Rank Your current rank-name in the guild.
SubGuild Your subguild.


The data fields are Weirdingway, Overpower, Prescience, Fury, Powerwords, Battlelore, and Counterstrike. The values are the respective skill levels.


Data Field Description
Level Your shieldbelt's level.
KineticEnergy Your belt's kinetic energy, not a percent.
PotentialEnergy Your belt's potential energy, not a percent.
Mode Your belt's mode setting.


The data fields are Combat, Shrapnel, Smoke, and Sticky. The values are your bandolier's current number of the respective grenade type.