"God created Arrakis to train the faithful."

-The Wisdom of Muad'Dib by the Princess Irulan

Wisdom of the Tau

The Tau is the oneness of a sietch community. Life has taught us to rely on the others in the open desert to help in the survival of the group. The tau is our bond. Our understanding that alone we are just that, but together we are. Following the tau is the part of the Zensunni path - the path paradise, which all true Fremen follow. It is the quest for knowledge and experience of oneself, and the honor a person has within them. Honor is gained through the sacrifice of material things for the better of the sietch.

Guild structure

The structure of fremen society is divided into sietches. You can think of it as houses or units, each with it's unique leadership and goals.

At the moment there are two active sietches:

Nomad sietch - This will be your initial sietch. Here you will find facilities and information that will enable you to start your life as a fremen. Nomad sietch offers many benifits for new players such as trainers and slightly elevated tau. At a later time you will be required to leave the sietch and join other sietches.

Sietch tabr - Your home for the remainder of your fremen life. A big sietch with everything you will ever need - including shop, armory, map room, guild bank, guild skill trainers and your personal quarters (yali). Tabr is where you will find most of the fremen player base and a good place to learn more about the guild. Note: You must achieve gvl 15 before you may join Sietch Tabr.


Sietch Jacurutu - a PK (playerkilling) oriented sietch. As Fremen ways have changed during the years, the sietch became abandoned. It is currently INACTIVE and at this time nobody can join it.

Guild roles

Naib - leader of the sietch. Typically rises to position by challenging his predecessor proving himself the strongest in the tribe. Responsible for the functioning of the guild and it's denizens.

Elder - naib's trusty left (and right:) hands. This position is given to individuals who have proved themselves selflessly serving the sietch and the way of the zensunni.

Sayyadina - a wise woman trained in the spiritual traditions of her people. Her primary responsibility is to recruit and take care of newborn fremen untill they are ready to face the harsh world of Dune.

Jihad Leader - First (and usually the best) playerkiller of the sietch. Keeping a constant PK presence on the mud, he's feared by anyone who is dumb enough to cross his path.

Jihad Trooper - As fremen function best in groups, playerkilling is no different. Jihad Trooper is Leader's trainee, well versed in the elusive skill of playerkilling.

Getting Started

Before proceeding you are strongly encouraged to thoroughly read guild help files by typing “fhelp” or “ghelp” in game.
Once you have a general idea about which command does what, you'll find information on this page more comprehensive.

In case you don't understand some of the terminology, there is a glossary section at the bottom of the page.

You can find the Fremen nomads, your initial sietch, located on Arrakis at: 9 east, 5 north, rocks, from the Arrakeen Shuttle Landing Port (ap).
Once in the Nomad sietch, type “join”, then confirm with “yes”.

You can talk to your fellow Fremen on the “fremen” channel. For example, type: fremen hello
You should also start by reading the new Fremen help file. Type (with the caps): ghelp NEWBIE

Finally, the following is a list of recommended aliases and settings:

Command Help File
wimpy 57 help wimpy
alias uc unsheath crysknife ghelp unshealth, ghelp crysknife
alias wc wield crysknife help wield
alias dw drinkwater ghelp drinkwater
reflex 3000 fmove dw, uc, wc, dw, setmode rage ghelp reflex, ghelp fmove, ghelp setmode, ghelp rage

Note: the commands listed will create the alias or execute the desired setting for you.
The associated help file that will provide more information on the commands or words used in the alias.
To execute the command stored in an alias, just type the alias name. For example, type uc to unsheath your crysknife.

Login actions

Certain actions can be performed right at login. This is achieved by setting “set login_cmd” command. Here's an example.

First we will create a mud alias with commands that we want to execute. Type “alias login fmove wear still-suit,aim l_arm,briefme,briefmon all,fwho,news info”. (NOTE: This is my login command which reflects things I want done at logon, customize yours any way you see fit)

Then we will set the alias to be executed at login by typing “set login_cmd login” which will execute commands contained in the alias “login”.

Take care about what you set in your login command, some commands and sequences can't be executed at login time which can result in erratic behaviour.

General gameplay

Beginner's tactics

1. Setmode rage is your best friend. Rage is a much more consistent source of per-round gxp than defense is, and normal mode will not yield any per-round gxp.
2. Use your guild skills as much as you can. (Each gskill fired will grant you extra guild experience - but *be cautious* when using sandstorm in rooms with more than one enemy.)
3. Train CRYSKNIFE and DERVISH guild skill as much as your exp and solaris allow you to. (Hit more accurately and more often)
4. Loot! (Every time you kill something you should execute the following sequence “degland corpse, distill corpse, get solaris from corpse” - Note: if you have plenty of adrenaline but are low on water, just distill the corpse without deglanding it as you will get more water that way. Only degland if you are depleting your adrenaline.)

Advanced tactics

This information is pertinent for players ABOVE guild level 45.

1. Setmode fanatic is currently our strongest gxping stance. Fluid is simply not efficient in the current combat system compared to fanatic, unlike in the guild's past. On the plus side, we are definitely not 'glass cannons' in fanatic stance anymore.
2. There are two overall strategies to gxping - fighting things with as much health as possible that you can tank sustainably to get the most per-round gxp per fight possible, or to kill a lot of weaker things quickly and take advantage of on-kill gxp. This will require experimentation on your part to see what yields the best rates and what you find most enjoyable.
4. Still-suit modifications are very powerful, and the top level for each type (level 5) requires glvl 41. However, they do get quite expensive, so it is recommended that you max your guild skills before working on still-suit mods. Read each help file (warrior, athletic, heavy_combat, deep_desert, scout) to see what benefits you get from each type and level of mod, and remember that the bonuses/penalties are *cumulative*.

Also, this is how we do it at the moment. All and any experimentation is strongly encouraged. For instance, for most of the guild's existence, fluid mode was the go-to gxping mode with fanatic being reserved for niche circumstances, and this only changed relatively recently. It could change again in future as things get tweaked.

Gameplay Assists

reflex is a set of actions that are automatically executed every round of combat. Reflex is a serverside response and unlike healing skills of other guilds, isn't susceptible to lag and other transient network conditions. It's executed on the server, by the server so everything that is in there is sure to happen.

fmove or fremen move is a sequence of commands that can be executed inside the duration of one round. The number of actions is limited by your quickness stat. In example, the command fmove w,s,n,w,w,w will move you in these directions instantly, in one round.


There are five combat modes: normal, defense, rage, fluid and fanatic. Here's a breakdown of the most important ones.

Normal mode (setmode normal): is a transient combat mode in which none of your guild defences are active. It's a mode in which you will take heavy damage and also put out small amount of damage, so there's no good reason to ever fight in this mode. Rage mode (setmode rage) is your all around gexping mode untill glevel 35.

Rage mode (setmode rage): is a fremen all around combat mode balancing between damage and defense. It's a primary gexping stance for glevels under 35. If you are under glevel 35, switching to it immediately after logon is highly recommended. At first this mode won't feel that different from normal mode, but as you gain more glvls and invest more in your crysknife and dervish gskills, you will start seeing far better damage output.

Fluid mode (setmode fluid): is a defensive combat mode that relies heavily on defending, blocking and avoiding your opponents' attacks. Using fluid, your damage is the lowest of any mode, but you have the highest chance of avoiding and mitigating attacks.

Fanatic mode (setmode fanatic): is our highest damage mode, but has relatively low chances of avoiding enemy attacks. In addition to being the preferred mode for gaining exp due to its fast killing speed, it's also currently our gxping form due to having more consistent gxp per round than fluid and taking better advantage of gxp on kill.

A quick look at your combat prompt:

HP: 7162/7162 CP: 3440/3440 ADR: 2984/2984 WATER: 4781/4781 Mode: Fluid : None
[BL][GR][Inv] [SS][Cor] [WW][NS][ST][IM] [RU][Sto] [Poison: 54]

This is how every fremen's combat prompt should look like. (I don't mean the numbers, of course:) If you lack the second line (one with strange abbreviations) I suggest that you do “set fprompt on”. This will add all of your combat guild skills availabe to you into one line underneath the battle prompt. When the abbreviation is colored green, the skill is ready to be used, when it's red - it's on cooldown.

Here, you can see my skills. BLind, GRapple, SandStorm, Coriolis, WeirdingWay, NoseSmash, STrike, IMpale, RUsh, Stone.

More info on these skills is available via in game help system. (fhelp blind, fhelp grapple)

Progress and Statistics

Guild Score Card

Now, let's look at the guild score card. I will take you through most important stats, crucial to your gameplay experience.

——————–={@ Fremen Guild Score @}=——————–
Fremen: Sux Level: 500
HP: (7162/7162) CP: (3440/3440)

Guild Level: XXX
Guild Exp: 129,066 Gexp Needed: 224,870,934
Adrenaline: 2984/2984 Water: 4781/4781
Combat Mode: Fluid Literjon Cap: 0
Base Zen Wisdom: 8 Tau: 9
Bonus Zen Wisdom: 0
You have a full pouch of sand.
Poison left: [54]
You have trained 525 Fremen.

Your reflex is set to fmove drinkwater,unsheath crysknife,wield crysknife,tmode tense,tmode coil,tmode rebound,tmode
alpha,tmode anticipate,offer tyto 50,smack,strike,nosesmash,impale,spike,drinkwater,finish at 100000 hit points.
You are currently using:
Rebound, Coil, Tense, Alpha, Concentrate and Anticipate.

HP and CP are pretty much clear, HP (hit points) are your life, when your HP reaches zero, you are dead. CP stands for command points and it's the total pool of how many skills can you use untill your cp reaches zero. When it does, you can no longer use guild attacks.

Adrenaline: is one of the most important stat for any fremen. Basically what you must watch is when your adrenaline reaches zero, you are thrown into NORMAL mode of combat, meaning your guild defenses and attacks become INACTIVE. You can imagine what happens when you are thrown from a extremely defensive mode like fluid to a mode that has absolutely no defense or attack value. You die. 10 out of 10. Adrenaline is normally slowly drained in combat but using guild skills will drain it even faster. In combat this is the stat to monitor as it will make or break your fight.

Water: is a Fremen's life. Quite literally we regen lost hp with the pool of water available to us. That's where the forementioned reflex command comes in:

Command “reflex 3000 fmove drinkwater, unsheath crysknife, wield crysknife, setmode rage” will keep you alive because:

You will reflexively (every round) use your fmove (quick fremen move) to drinkwater (replace HP that you potentially lost in the previous round of combat burning the water from your water cache), make your crysknife appear in your inventory (unsheath, in case you have somehow lost your weapon in combat), wield your crysknife and try to set your mode to rage if you are seriously adrenaline depleted. You can see now how most of our uselful gskills come together in our reflex.

As long as you have enough adrenaline and water, you will be able to stay in combat. Once either one is depleted, it's time to run or to “finish” what you started.

Literjon cap is the additional ammount of water that you can purchase for solaris in our sietch. This will add to the maximum ammount of water available to you. It's a good thing to have if you are expecting some heavy combat as it will prolong your abilitly to stay in combat.

Base and bonus zen wisdom fremen's best buff. This stat will affect ALL of your stats as a fremen. It will grant you more water, adrenaline and it will also add to their regen rates. These points are awarded to you by your naib and sietch elders for faithful service to the sietch and it's members. You NEVER ask for one. If you deserve it, one will surely be awarded to you.

Sand pouch, another indicator of availability of your “blind” skill. If you have sand in your pouch you will be able to blind your opponent, if you don't… well… you won't.

Poison: Good news, you can “poison crysknife”. When you do, you will expend one charge of your poison. Poison leaves a damage over time (DoT) effect on your target. There are various kinds of poisons as you will with no doubt learn later in the game.

Trains: to advance to the next glevel you need to be trained by your fellow fremen. This is merely a number of times you have trained your fremen friends. This has absolutely no effect on your combat skills whatsoever.

Reflex: by now you know what your reflex is and this is mine. It's a bunch of stuff that I collected over the years and your reflex should in no way reflect mine.

Tmodes are fremen buffs that help you with your stats, each one will boost boost some of your stats. The bigger guild level you are, the more you can use at once. More help on tmodes is available in game, by typing “fhelp tmodes”. At certain guild levels, Fremen earn the ability to maintain more of these fighting modes at once, but the more modes a Fremen maintains, the higher the cost. You receive a new tmode at each tenth guild level after 20, except for guild level seventy.

# of tmodes glevel obtained
1 20
2 30
3 40
4 50
5 60
6 80

Here is a brief list of each tmode, what glevel it is obtained and what stats it affects:

tmode glevel stats affected
tense 20 + wisdom
+ dexterity
strength dexterity
concentrate 30 + intelligence
+ quickness
wisdom quickness
rebound 35 + strength
+ wisdom
intelligence constitution
wuss 41 - strength
- dexterity
clumsy 44 - quickness
- constitution
dumb 47 - intelligence
- wisdom

Dune Score Card

Now, let's take a quick look at your “sc” or “score card”.

Name : A hooded Fremen with dark blue eyes oo
Height : medium Guild : Fremen Handedness : left handed
Level : 500 Score : 752187 Rank : 4/82
Wimpy : 70% Ghola : None
Hit Points : 7162/7162 Command Points : 3440/3440
Total Experience : 6855930/200000000 Solaris : 2062064/91476731

STATS - Base(Bonus)/Total

         Strength               Constitution           Intelligence
         430(+111)/541           210(+121)/331           120(+41)/161
         Wisdom                 Dexterity              Quickness
         405(+81)/486           405(+107)/512           405(+107)/512

Carry Load : Minimal ( 1 %) Exp Multiplier : 1.000
You are aiming : L_arm Your defense is : Dodge

Total Kills : 86124 Total Deaths : 18
Quest Points : 58 Explorer Rating : Galactic Explorer
Intox: ( 0 %) Drank: ( 0 %)
Spice: ( 0 %) Eaten: ( 0 %)


These are your primary stats. As you kill mobs and gather experience you will spend the earned exp here. Stats and levels. Besides that, here you can see some basic info about your character such as your name, height, handedness, level, rank, ammount of money available to you and so on.

One important thing here is DEFENCE. You can imagine why defense is a very important stat. At the moment it's rumored that the best defense for fremen is DODGE. Don't ask me why, we all use it. It just seems that we take less damage when we do. Of course, don't take this at a face value. Try everything for yourself.

Guild skills

You can also check on your guild skills using “check” or “check skills”.

============================[ Status ]============================
Name:                   Kosmos
Level:                  126
Physical Condition:     In perfect condition.
Mental Condition:       Barely mentally stressed.
Water Rings available:  332
Next level's exp:       4779084
Available Exp:          5936129

Fremen Level:  XX
Zensunni Wisdom:  3
Guild Tau:  4
Fremen Skills:
Skill Name   Difficulty    Level    Water Rings    Experience
Crysknife         3         100         225          22500
Weirding          1          60          45           4500
Spy               2         100         150          15000
Grapple           3         100         225          22500
Rush              2         100         150          15000
Sandstorm         2         100         150          15000
Distill           1         100          75           7500
Camouflage        2         100         150          15000
Dervish           3         100         225          22500

This should give you an idea of how expensive training the various skills ultimately gets to be. Note that my weirding skill is not maxed yet. Training this requires either an atreides player of the desert subguild, or a fremen elder. It will cost you solaris to get trained by an atreid, and guild experience to get trained by an elder. Exact costs are unknown (to me, Kosmos), but don't correspond to what is listed in “check skills”.

Still-suit mods

Once you join sietch tabr, you can also buy still-suit mods. Costs and glevel requirements are available in the shop in sietch tabr. You can check your current mods and available modification slots using “check still-suit”

==========================[ Still-Suit ]==========================
        Modification            Level
Deep Desert Modification         0
Athletic Upgrade                 5
Heavy Combat Modification        4
Warrior Upgrade                  4
Scout Improvement                0
Possible modifications:         Your still-suit has been modified as extensively as possible!


You can remove a still-suit mod in the shop using the “remove <modname>” command. This costs one million solaris. I'm not sure if it removes all mods of that type from your still-suit, or just one level of that mod.

Honourable mentions

Fremen guild would like to thank each and every one of these people for their selfless service to the guild. We wish some of you back while others continue to honor us with their presence.

Past Lords: Aeon, Bahhar, Boss, Druid, Leondal, Mreh, Spite, Stryder

Wizards: Benedict, Daksha, Emraef, Flame, Incanus, Korn, Methos, Nuemonic, Orbital, Paradox, Poetry, Rovack, Salaam, Swain, Trucida, Tzar, Zaphod

Naib: Sux
Jihad Leader: Tyto
Elders: Acid, Akar, Amenophis, Apollo, Flint, Irekahn, Master, Moker, Senexis, Snarf, Snowman, Starabo, Sux, Tazmania, Toadski, Twist, Tyto, Vor

Notable: Danith, Darkling, Drizzt, Duneguy

Fedaykin: Elfish, Farak, Fleche, Flint, Fury, Hawat, Jobob, Marlboro, Muerte, Myst, Perseus, Rachivo, Ravni, Reznit, Snarf, Ulphrates, Vain

If you do know someone whom I have wrongfully omitted, please free to add them.

Long live the fighters of Muad'Dib!


gexp - guild experience
exp - experience
fan - fanatic
flu - fluid
zwis - zensunni wisdom