Welcome to the Fish Speakers Guild! Here is what we're going to cover on this page:

1) Guild Theme
2) Guild Structure
3) All Skills by GLVL


The Fish Speakers guild represents the military of the God Emperor Leto II. Leto created this force to maintain peace and stability in his empire. Fish Speakers are truly unmatched by any military in existence and is completely composed of women who have been bred over the centuries for fighting and peacekeeping. The reason Leto II chose to create a military completely composed of women is that he saw male armies as unstable and untrustworthy during peacetime. They needed an outlet for their aggression through occasional war. Leto's plan was to keep an iron grip on his empire where violence would not be tolerated.

The Fish Speaker guild has the following features:
– A combat “pet”. This is a combat partner you can summon.
– Three distinct sub guilds or professions.
– Most of the abilities are self-enhancement in some way. More stats, better defense, better offense.


The Fish Speaker guild is composed of three professions: Scout, Warrior, and Medic. You choose your profession at Guild Level 100. Here are the features of each profession:

– A ranger style of play.
– Lower HP and defense.
– Can go invisible.
– Can track their quarry, even if they are hiding.
– High damage output.
– Scout tips here : Scouts

– Blood Knight style of play. Abilities damage enemies and heal you at the same time.
– Heavy fighter with decent offense and defense.
– Causes bleeds on their opponents with several abilities and mechanics based around bleeds.
– Warrior tips here : Warriors

– Heavy combat medic style of play.
– Heavy Tank with good support abilities.
– Can gather herbs and make custom recipes for drugs.
– Can heal other players or buff them with drug vials.
– Medic tips here: Medics


1) Rake : A strike that causes the target to bleed.
1) Unsheath : Pull out a guild weapon of choice. Choices depend on subguild.
1) Firstaid : A light heal.
1) Sendoff : Sends a corpse to headquarters for processing.
1) Stance : Enter a weapon stance of choice. Choices depend on subguild.
25) Companion : Summon a combat and npc partner to assist you in battle.
50) Assess : Analyze something freshly killed to glean some knowledge from it.
50) Strike : A simple attack that does medium damage.
75) Trance : Puts you into overdrive, increasing attack speed and defense.
150) Cremate : Cremate a corpse, getting a burst of energy back.
200) Bond : Create a bond with your companion, greatly enhancing yourself.
500) Martyr : Your companion sacrifices themselves to save you.

Additionally, your profession will give you these abilites and skills:

100) Lethality : Passive trainable skill. Adds a percentage of enemy max HP to your attacks.
100) Covert : Go invisible.
100) Ambush : Lay in wait for a named enemy. Causing major damage when they come into the room.
100) Conceal : Hide your items in a secret stash.
200) Expose : Expose an enemy to the world. They take 10 percent more damage and can't go invisible.
300) Spike : Impales your opponent with explosive spikes. Can be stacked up.
300) Detonate : Detonates your explosive spikes.
400) Bloodlust : Adds additional damage to your attacks and heals your for a portion of that damage.
600) Track : Follow a named target. Can even find them in hiding.
600) Stoptrack : Stops you from hunting your quarry.
600) Backtrack : Returns you to where you started tracking.
1000) Cheat Death : Passive. Every 20 minutes, you can avoid death from lethal damage.

100) Vitality : Passive trainable skill. Greatly increases healing ability.
100) Gather : Gather herbs to make vials of drugs.
100) Concoct : Use herbs to make vials of drugs.
100) Recipe : Save your recipes.
100) Test : Tests a recipe to see what effects it gives.
200) Poultice : Use Ginseng herbs to heal a player over time.
200) Poison : Use Nightshade to poison a weapon.
300) Tether : Heal another player until they leave the room. Pulses for periodic healing.
400) Rebuff : Set yourself up to counter the next attack.
500) Suture : Powerful heal over time ability.
600) Cauterize : Burst heal ability.
1000) Sedate : Sedate a target. If they take excessive damage, the damage is spread out over five rounds.

100) Thrust : Damage ability that does bonus damage against bleeding targets.
250) Bloodrage : Damage ability that heals you for each bleed on the target.
300) Reap : Damages all enemies in the room and heals you for each enemy hit. Causes enemies to bleed.
400) Thrash : High damage ability that does bonus damage against bleeding targets.
500) Rend : Doubles the bleeds on your target.
600) Empower : Gives large amounts of stat bonuses for a time.
1000) Glory : Buffs you to absorb incoming attacks and empower outgoing attacks.


A large focus of this guild is really on pets and pet management. The pet will be a big part of your character's power. You will be much weaker without your pet.

Each companion type has unique characteristics for use in different types of fights.

There are five types of companions: 1) Priest:

 The Priest has the lowest combat damage contribution. However,
 she will periodically heal you during combat. She also gives
 you the 'Heal' command, which will heal you for a greater

2) Guard:

 The Guard has a low combat damage contribution. However, she
 will add greatly to your combat defenses as she blocks incoming
 damage for you. This will damage her, but luckily, she has the
 largest health pool. She gives you the 'Guard' ability, which
 will block a number of the next attacks you would normally

3) Grenadier:

 The Grenadier has an average combat damage contribution. She
 gives you the 'Grenade' ability, which will damage all of
 your enemies in a burst.

4) Gunner:

 The Gunner has a high combat damage contribution. She also
 gives you the 'Suppress' ability, which will stun your main
 opponent for a short time.

5) Sentinel:

 The Sentinel has the highest combat damage contribution. She
 also gives you the 'Berserk' ability, where she causes a burst
 of damage to the enemy.

You can 'rename' your companion at any time. You can also change the companion 'type' outside of combat.

You can 'companion summon' or 'companion dismiss'.

You can 'give' or 'get' items from your companion.

You can order your companion to 'unload' all items at the shop. You can also order them to 'pickup' all items on the floor.

Companions have their own trainable skills which can be raised at the guild hall. Companion's skills max out at level 20.


  • Type 'ghelp full' to access the full list of helpfiles ingame.
  • Type 'gwho' to show you which speakers are online.
  • Type 'gs' to show information on your combat bonuses and check your guild level.
  • Type 'statbonuses' to show information on stats your gear provides.
  • Type 'protection' to show you how much protection your gear provides, 'coverage' is also useful.
  • Type 'channels speakers history' to show the last 20 messages from speakers chat.

Fish Speaker Guild Hall Layout

Once you've joined the Fish Speaker guild, you can access the guild hall easily by autopiloted ornithopter. The syntax below will take you directly there.

             s;;e;;e;;e;;e;;e;;pad;;enter orni;;takeoff

When you land, simply type 'enter' and you will be at the entrance to the city of Onn. From there go: