There are many kinds of containers in the MUD. Some containers you can
pick up, while others are rooted in place in rooms around the MUD. Most
containers will display their content (assuming you get them open) when you
look at them and provide easy access to the contents with:

              get <item> from <container>                                   
              put <item> in <container>                                     

or similar commands.

Another type of containers are backpacks. These are robust containers
providing ease of storage. They can be bought from Enkeli's shop on Tleilax
(2n 2w from AP) and provide the same basic interface along with the following

              packstuff <all [item type]item>                              
              sellstuff <all [item type]item>                                                

While packs don't offer benefits in weight, they are invaluable in
arranging your inventory. There also may be a pack on Dune somewhere that
even helps you with weight…