General: Gholas

The scientists of the Bene Tleilax have perfected the manufacture of gholas, and have offered their services to those who are willing to pay.

You can order a ghola from a Ghola Regeneration Center, and the process of growing your ghola will begin once the Regeneration Center has enough biomaterial and you have provided enough solaris.

It will take some time to grow your ghola, and once it is ready, you are almost entirely safe from any death penalties. When you die, your ghola will awaken, and will possess the same level and stats that you had before your death. No gexp will be lost.

As you can only use a ghola once, you will need to order a new ghola after you die. Furthermore, a new ghola will need to be purchased after each level you gain.

The regeneration rooms located at (from the astroport):
Caladan: 3n,e
Wallach: 2w,s
Giedi Prime: w,s,e,s
Chapterhouse: e,n
Tleilax: d
Salusa: 2s,e,n
Ix: e,2s,w,request transit,enter module,push button 2, 2w,s
Arrakis: 2n,4e,bazaar,s