General: Guild Information

DuneMUD is populated with ten guilds, each  possessing different  powers,   
have various advantages and downsides.  The following list can  help  you   
choose  the  guild  you  will  join.  Note that you can leave most of the   
guilds if you feel their  playing  style  does  not  fit your view of the   
House Atreides:                                                             
Noble warriors that come from the watery  planet  Caladan.  They  have  a   
variety  of Gskills  including powerwords, righteous fury and more. Their   
guild armour is the shieldbelt  which  protects their entire body, and is   
quite a formidable armour indeed.  It can be used to reflect attacks,  or   
even stun one's opponent.  Being an Atreides warrior you become part of a   
large army and have an entire fleet to assist you.                          
They are the masters of the desert and live on the desert planet Arrakis,   
the home of the spice Melange.  They can ride the gigantic Sandworms, and   
their guild weapon is the crysknife, made from the tooth of ShaiHulud (a   
sandworm), probably the strongest guild weapon  in the MUD.   Fremen  are   
built  for  fighting  in  groups, and  not alone.  The  more Fremen fight   
together the higher their  Tau  (by  Fremen  definition  the unity of the   
Fremen  community) becomes.  Fremen  are quite powerful, trained  in  the   
Weirding Ways  taught to them by their Atreides allies.  They possess the   
power to become extremely offensive  or defensive  in  their fighting  at   
will, which allows them to often end a fight with a powerful opponent  in   
one round  of  combat, or remain in combat for hundreds of rounds without   
hardly taking damage,  wearing their opponents down.  They also have many   
interesting guild skills, and are probably the most newbiefriendly guild   
there is, competing for that status with Atreides only.                     
Bene Gesserit:                                                              
Those are mysterious witches who come from the forest planet Wallach IX.    
Like  the  Fish  Speakers, they are a female only guild and the only male   
who can join is the  Kwisatz  Haderach,  "shortening of the way", the one   
who can be in many places at  once.   They  can  become  rather  powerful   
fighters,  but  are  also  welltrained  mentally.   They can share their   
supreme knowledge and mental training  with  players from other guilds by   
giving them Prana or Bindu trains, more commonly  known  as  Ptrains  and   
Btrains.   A  Ptrain  gives  a  temporary  boost  to  your  strength  and   
dexterity,  while  a  Btrain  gives  a temporary boost to your wisdom and   
Fish speakers:                                                              
They are the army of the God Emperor Leto Atreides II, ruler of the known   
universe.  They are a guild of ferocious  females,  known  to  enjoy  the   
feeling of crushing an opponent with their bare hands, often covered with   
claws.  They  have  been  rumored  to do awful and gruesome things to the   
corpses of their enemies, and truly enjoy the rush of battle.  They have    
four Subguilds:  Medics,  Priests,  Scouts  and  Warriors.   One  of the   
special things about the guild is that there is  no  limit  to  the  Fish   
Speakers'  ability  to  improve a skill, so they can continue training it   
To  join Sardaukar you have to be male, powerful, and   
have plenty of spare  solaris.   However,  once  you  get accepted to the   
guild you will be one of the  strongest  players  and  have  unbelievable   
gskills.  One of the "perks" in  being a Sardaukar, is that starting from   
a certain guild level, one must always remain a playerkiller,  but  their   
power usually more than covers for that.                                    
Bene Tleilax:                                                               
They are a secretive guild, and not much is known about them.  They  come   
from  the  planet  Tleilax and are mostly assassins, disguise masters and   
genetic scientists.  They can hide  themselves,  or even take the form of   
another creature at will.  To join the Bene  Tleilax,  a  recruiter  must   
accept  you and then you must go through a hard period of training to get   
into the actual guild.                                                      
The  Harkonnen  shock  troopers are the main stay of the Harkonnen army.    
The sheer rage and devastation  they  wreak  on the battlefield puts fear   
into the hearts of any enemy; the shock troopers are by no  means  cannon   
fodder.  With  legendary battlerage and survival skills, they can conquer   
Bene Gesserit Army:                                                         
The Bene Gesserit Warriors are among  the most brave and honorable forces   
in the known universe. As a member of this elite group, you possess  many   
powers  others  can  but  dream  of. You control thought processes beyond   
those of the greatest  Tleilaxu  thinker.  Beyond that, your sheer muscle   
strength and control creates  a  fighting  machine  unparalleled  by  any   
The Ixian Machine Guild:                                                    
The Ixian Machine Guild (IMG) was established shortly after the Butlerian   
Jihad  had  ended.  First it was a secret organization comprised of a few   
master builder humans who wanted to  see  a true thinking machine and the   
old tech robots who inherited the old technology from  before  the  great   
scattering.  The  result:  a  new  living  machine.  A combination of the   
ultimate  in   artificial   intelligence   and   human  brain  imprinting   
technology.  Dermal  plating,  enhanced  reflexes,  thermographic  optics   
implants and much more. Be warned that joining this  guild  may  lead  to   
being  an  outcast  among the weak fleshlings; but as always the Machines   
will wage war against them and show them the true way.                      
Honored Matres:                                                             
The Honored Matres  are an army of savage female warriors, formed by Fish   
Speakers and Bene Gesserits in  the  Scattering.  They embody the best of   
both, their  viciousness  matched  only  by  the most  ferocious  of Fish   
Speakers,  their control over  their bodies surpassed only  by  the  most   
skilled of Reverend Mothers. They are known for their nearly supernatural   
speed  and reflexes,  and  their  superior physical,  as well  as  mental   
conditioning.  They are masters of martial arts, some Matres specializing   
in charging their opponents headon, and some more skilled at using their   
enemies' power against them. Finally, in addition to their combat prowess   
the Honored Matres possess unique skills of  manipulation  and seduction,   
the likes of which even the Bene Gesserits can barely comprehend.