Combat: Party

You can form a party of players. All the exp and the money of the party will be divided among the party members.

party : This creates a party.
pname [name] : This command will create or change the name of party. (L)
divvy [solaris] : With no argument it will divvy exp, else divvies money.
pwho : This will show where the people in your party are.
pboot [member] : This will boot a member of your party. (L)
pquit : Quits you from the party.
dissolve : Dissolves the party. (L)
showp : Shows the current parties in the game.
plead [member] : Changes the leader to someone else. (L)
padd [name] : Adds a new member.
pmembers : Shows the members, and some of their stats.
pfix : Fixes party banner (Hopefully not have to use this)
ptell, pt : Party tell channel.
phelp : Shows thirts a bug of the party.
partykills : Shows all the kills the party have achieved.
setdivvy : Sets the 'autodivvy' limit. After one player has achieved this experience amount (in millions), the accumulated party experience will be divvied. (L)

* Means that the function is not implemented yet.

(L) Means only the leader can insticate the function.