General: Stats

INTELLIGENCE : A measure of intellect, it helps to retain and learn new and more powerful skills. Many guild commands make use of this. The higher your intelligence, the more skills you will be able to perform.

WISDOM : This is how much you have learned from your experiencesv on Dune. A wise fighter is a better fighter.

STRENGTH : This statistic is a measure of raw physical power. It is of special importance to fighting, as it can increase the amount of damage in combat. Players with high strength scores will also notice that they seem to take less damage in combat and be able to carry more.

CONSTITUTION : Constitution is your health, or general state of health. A player with a high Constitution is rather hardy and will be able to resist the effects of damage and poisons easier than a player with a low Constitution.

DEXTERITY : Dexterity is of special importance to tleilaxu, as it can influence a great deal of their skills. A person with a high dexterity is nimble and agile. They are experts at small motor manipulations and are able to react faster than other players.

QUICKNESS : The faster you are, the more actions you are allowed per combat round. A fighter with a higher Quickness and Dexterity will find that he gets more attacks, more often than his fellow adventurer. All in all players with a high Quickness often take less damage in combat. (Its hard to hit someone moving faster than you.)

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