Communication: tell


        tell <user[@mudname]> <message>                                     
        tell block <onoffallname name2 name3>                            
        tell block                                                          

Notice: using 'tell' command uses 3 CP.

Sends a message to the specified user, or set the tell blocking mode. If typed without arguments, your tell history will be displayed.

Environmental variables:
block_tells : on block tells from lower level players; <list> block tells from listed players, where <list> is a space separated list of names.
tell_to_colour : Specifies colour when you tell someone a message.
tell_from_colour: Specifies colour when someone tells you something.

Where <colour> is a spaceseparated list of colour names.


    set tell_to_colour bold red                                             
    set tell_from_colour blink bold yellow (crap =))                        

See also: reply, htell