–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=– QUEST 51 Escape the Wallach Caverns –=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–

  ID:             cave_escape
  Points:         5
  Planet:         Wallach
  If you wander the Wallach Ix forests too much you may find yourself sucked
  beneath the surface of a pond into a deep, dark cave system. Escape from
  this cave system alive and you have succeeded in completing this quest.

One of the stranger quests, it starts in a very difficult to find meadow and pond in the western Wallach IX forest. You might get sucked into the pond, if you're in the right spot, and will have to make your way out. There's no escape otherwise. Along the way you'll need to use various items, a torch, rope, dynamite and so on, to proceed in the maze-like caverns below the pond. And, you'll have to do battle with some fairly tough opponents too.

Your reward? 5 qp and 56 million xp. 56 million that is, before xp changes.

Note from Luther: Finding that pond is hard as balls. There's lots of clearings in the forest, but the one you want is near the river. I think I found it northeast of town, but frankly it was the third/fourth clearing and I don't remember. Somewhere in the right clearing is an entrance to the pond area, which is itself a lil mini-zone.

Edit 2021 December 7th, by Avenar: This reward has been nerfed to 50.000 exp in the meantime.

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