far to the east of the west bazaar:

Rocky Ridge. [n,w,e]

Harkonnen Shock Trooper

Trooper died.

The Sardaukar corpse crumples into dust!

The Sardaukar soldier looks at you as he dies and musters :

'My Commander shall get revenge for all my fallen brethren! We shall kill your

most valued heir of the Atreides!'

A Sardaukar Commander is descending from one of the ridges around Arrakeen to find

Paul at the Atreides Citadel and kill him! You must intercept the commander before he reaches Paul

and succeeds in his mission! Search Arrakeen and be swift!

this is the guy you have to kill: before he gets to the compound

Imperial Sardaukar Commander

__ Few Notes: - It's not an issue of finding the “right” shock trooper. You have to kill a certain number before one is bitter enough to tell you the plan. Kill all “Shock Troopers” indiscriminately.

- This also means that the one you kill who tells you the plan won't necessarily be all the way to the east or on a rocky ridge. Get an Arrakeen Map and check out the whole ridge area- search the vicinity of the whole ridge for troopers.

- Once you get the info, book it back to Arrakeen and run around like crazy looking for the Commander. He'll be headed in the general direction of the Atreides Base, but you don't know where he started.

- The commander WILL flee. So pay attention to the battle. If he leaves, it probably won't tell you which direction so be prepared to search. Don't let him get to the Base.