–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–= Quest 32 The Sapho Den –=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–

  ID:             sapho_facility
  Points:         2
  Planet:         Salusa
  Odd happenings have been reported on Salusa. Whispers tell of a place where
  mentats and normal folk alike congregate to enjoy a new refined version of
  the popular drink, Sapho. According to local lore, the facility that creates
  this extremely addicting substance is located somewhere within an area that
  caters to their customers. What's more, there seems to be someone on the
  inside, attempting to gain valuable insight on this popular new drug...

–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=-The Sapho Den–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=

The Den is in the main city, you do not need to take an orni or walk through the desert.

The first area is only a small part of the Den. Look carefully for a secret door.

If you need a keycard, keep looking for workers.

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