–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=– Quest 40 Deliver a vial to the Baron –=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=-

  ID:             poison_vial
  Points:         4
  Planet:         Tleilax
  The Baron Vladimir Harkonnen has ordered a vial from the Tleilaxu face
  dancers. Unfortunately it never arrived. Go to the labs on Tleilax and find
  the vial. Bring it back to the Baron.
  Note: This quest is once again completeable as of 6/21/21.

The lab is inside the main city on Tleilax, not outside the gates.

Inside the lab you have two hurdles: getting into the director's office and unlocking his desk drawer.

Once you get the vial, return to the Baron on Giedi Prime and 'give' it to him. This completes the quest.

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