Making Money

In the beginning earning enough money to fund your budding gskills can be a daunting task. The following are excellent ways to swell your bank account:

  1. Ask bigger players (usually members of your own guild) for 'loans.' They will almost certainly have a few 100k to spare.
  2. Sell equipment/junk dropped by mobs. Every planet has a shop at which you can sell stuff. Find it and go wild.
  3. Kill in areas where the mobs drop large amounts of cash
    • GP 2n ne w enter
    • Some floors of the harko tower
    • Rha robots area (under GP factory)
    • Bookcase area on Salusa
    • Shieldwall (beware of the open-pk cave, read the description)
  4. Do quests. Some of them give very large cash rewards.