directionsFROM w,e,s,n
descriptionthis place is for player levels xx-xx/other info

Giedi Prime - Tower
directionsGP AP w,n,w,n
descriptionA very popular spot for all levels of players. There are 11 floors and the mobs increase in difficulty as you climb upwards. The 1st floor is a perfect spot for newbies.
Giedi Prime - Barracks
directionsGP AP: 2n,nw,w,enter or n,w,enter
descriptionA popular spot for players in the 10-20 range.
Wallach - TC (Wallach Training Complex)
directionsWallach AP: 5s 'engage to training complex'
descriptionExtremely popular area for players of all guilds. Usually level 60-100 and up.
Arrakis - Warehouse
directionsArrakis AP: 2s,2e,enter,n,enter
descriptionExcellent area for levels 40-50+. Great exp and cash drops. Careful of roaming officer mobs which throw you out and aggro you.
Arrakis - Smuggler Valley
directionsArrakis desert (14,113) - (20 south, 20 southwest, a lot of south until you reach the smuggler valley.)
descriptionAnother great area with excellent cash drops. The mobs will cause you to flee during battle unless you are lvl 70 or higher. They will also attack you if you are lvl 100+.
Giedi Prime - Trainees
directionsGP AP - w,2n,3w,kill guard,2w,all north,search,down,kill guard,south
descriptionNow you are in the Trainee area on Giedi Prime. Ideally this area is for level 100 + players. If you are brave enough to venture into this trainee battleground, beware of the Graduates, they do not take kind to outsiders.
Giedi Prime - Juggernauts
directionsGP AP: 2n ne 2n e enter 2n d
descriptionA good area for levels 40-70. Has a wide range of mob difficulties from the Harkonnen soldiers (easyish) to the robot Juggernauts (hard). Nothing is agressive, although some of the soldiers will assist each other.
Arrakis - Desert Spice Refinery
directionsArrakis AP : 18s, 4w, enter
descriptionA good area for levels 50-70. Very good for making money. Some of the drop 2000 - 5000 solaris. There is a mystery on-site if you can figure out the secret code.