Welcome to Dune Mud!

Dune Mud is a classic multiplayer online text adventure game (MUD) based in Frank Herbert's DUNE Universe. Since 1992 Dune has been the LP MUD of choice for several generations of amazing players. Create a character, join one of ten guilds, and explore the 30,000+ game rooms. Enjoy opt-in PK and numerous in-game quests.

Friendly players! Social atmosphere! Passionate playerbase! Discord integration! Active coding staff!

Get started:

Connect to Dune using a telnet client. We recommend Mudlet (free | multi-os) or BeipMU (free | windows) but there are many other possible clients.

To connect use:

Address Port Number Protocol
dunemud.net 6789 Classic Telnet
dunemud.net 6788 TLS Secured

More information on using the TLS port to connect securely is available on the wiki.


Dune has it's own Discord server you can join. We frequently post important news to the #mud-updates channel. The in-game [discord] channel and the Discord #dunemud-chat channel are linked to make it easy to ask questions and chat between the game and Discord.

If you use Facebook, also consider joining the Facebook Group.

Recent News

Date Update
April 11th, 2024 The Tleilaxu guild damage reduction has been reworked for consistency.
April 4th, 2024 The 2024 DuneMUD easter egg hunt has ended. Congrats to House Atreides and the other winners.
Mar 30th, 2024 It is now possible to opt out of getting parts/slag from mechanical corpses. See 'help salvage' for more details.
Mar 29th, 2024 The annual DuneMUD easter egg hunt is underway. Prizes will be given to the individuals and guilds with the most eggs.
Mar 27th, 2024 You may now specify the number of sockets (up to 3) on pieces of gear you print from a guild armoury. See in-game news for details.
Mar 26th, 2024 The guild armouries now have a 'check' command which allows you to evaluate and compare equipment before printing it.
Mar 23rd, 2024 The channels [sard], [assassins], and [warriors] have had their old speech decorations restored.
Feb 9th, 2024 The feelings command has been updated to allow searching for emotes containing specific words. See help feelings for more information.
Jan 4th, 2024 The Bene Gesserit Warrior guild's dagger skills have been changed to unlock more evenly, and support counting. See in game guild news for more details.
Dec 23rd, 2023 The Holiday spirit has reached Arrakis. Monsters have holiday names, tokens are plentiful, and rare presents may be found. Ho ho ho!
Oct 23rd, 2023 Halloween is here and for a limited time only Dune has been taken over by spooky monsters dropping special surprises.

See the Old DuneMUD News page for archived items.

Game Information

  • Getting Started - We were all newbies at one point! Get a head start on your MUDing career in this section.
  • Guilds - Learn about the wide array of guild choices available to you.
  • Areas and Maps - Learn about all the different areas you can play on Dune. We're a huge world, don't spend all of your time on Giedi Prime!
  • Quests - A good way to earn money and experience by methods other than violence.
  • MUD Tips and Tricks - General useful information not available through help files.

About the MUD

  • About Dune MUD - Learn about the past, present and future of the MUD
  • The Dune Universe - A section detailing Frank Herbert's Dune Universe. Here you will find terminology, thematic information, and information about the books and movies that inspired the MUD.


  • Clients - Mudding is tough work when you're playing on telnet. Download a client and see the difference it makes! Get settings/tips specific for Dune.