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Name of Guild Planet Location from AP Prerequisites
Atreides Caladan 6n, enter None
Bene Gesserit Wallach 4w,enter Female
Fish Speakers Arrakis e,29s,e,enter,4n,w,n Female
Fremen Arrakis 9e,5n,rocks None
Harkonnen Giedi Prime w,s,s,enter,d None
IMG Ix see help IMG 100,000 solaris
Tleilaxu Tleilax 5n,e Male
Warrior Chapterhouse w,enter Male
Sardaukar Salusa Secondus 4n None
Honored Matres Wallach n, enter Female

If you find the “Location from AP” column confusing, you should see the page on shorthand directions.


See the main guild page here: Atreides


Noble warriors that come from the watery planet Caladan. They have a variety of Gskills including powerwords, righteous fury and more. Their guild armour is the shieldbelt which protects their entire body, and is quite a formidable armour indeed. It can be used to reflect attacks, or even stun one's opponent. Being an Atreides warrior you become part of a large army and have an entire fleet to assist you.

Play Style

Honorable without cause. Strive to be the best while being courageous, brave, and valorous. Always be willing to help when you are called upon to do good. Stare evil in the face and then cut through it with your hawkblade. We are House Atreides.

Bene Gesserit

See the main guild page here: Bene Gesserit


Those are mysterious witches who come from the forest planet Wallach IX. Like the Fish Speakers, they are a female only guild and the only male who can join is the Kwisatz Haderach, “shortening of the way”, the one who can be in many places at once. They can become rather powerful fighters, but are also well trained mentally. They can share their supreme knowledge and mental training with players from other guilds by giving them Prana or Bindu trains, more commonly known as Ptrains and Btrains. A Ptrain gives a temporary boost to your strength and dexterity, while a Btrain gives a temporary boost to your wisdom and intelligence.


Sisters of the Bene Gesserit use their knowledge of the Prana and Bindu disciplines as well as the Weirding Way to unleash incredible damage on their foes and keep their bodies in peak physical form.

Bene Gesserit Warrior Caste

See the main guild page here: Bene Gesserit Warriors


The martial arm of the Gesserit Order.

Play Style

Bene Gesserit Warriors are unsurpassed in the defensive arts.

The Bene Gesserit Warriors are among the most brave and honorable forces in the known universe. As a member of this elite group, you possess many powers others can but dream of. You control thought processess beyond those of the greatest Tleilaxu thinker. Beyond that, your sheer muscle strength and control creates a fighting machine unparalleled by any other.

The Bene Gesserit Warrior guild is characterized by two modes of combat: the Warrior, who values offence over defence and seeks to use brute force and critical hits to overcome enemies; and the Mentat, a defensive fighter who leverages speed and tactics to outmaneuver opponents and outlast them. The Bene Gesserit Warrior guild also believes in a well-equipped army, issuing armour to its soldiers that improves in both quantity and quality as the soldier advances in rank and skill.

Fish Speakers

See the main guild page here : Fish Speakers


They are the army of the God Emperor Leto Atreides II, ruler of the known universe. They are a guild of disciplined and fearless woman, and are peerless as peacekeeping troops.

The Fish Speakers are known for their stellar teamwork, and do almost everything in pairs. They have been enhanced over millenia of breeding to be the most elite troops in the God Emperor's vast empire.


Fish Speakers are divided into three professions, or sub-guilds: Scout, Warrior, and Medic. Scouts specialize in tracking and ambush. Warriors are front line fighters who cause bleeds on their opponents. Medics are heavy tanky fighters who can gather herbs and mix them into drugs to enhance them in various ways.


See the main guild page here: Fremen Guild


They are the masters of the desert and live on the desert planet Arrakis, the home of the spice Melange. They can ride the gigantic Sandworms, and their guild weapon is the crysknife, made from the tooth of Shai-Hulud (a sandworm), probably the strongest guild weapon in the MUD. Fremen are built for fighting in groups, and not alone. The more Fremen fight together the higher their Tau (by Fremen definition the unity of the Fremen community) becomes. Fremen are quite powerful, trained in the Weirding Ways taught to them by their Atreides allies. They possess the power to become extremely offensive or defensive in their fighting at will, which allows them to often end a fight with a powerful opponent in one round of combat, or remain in combat for hundreds of rounds without hardly taking damage, wearing their opponents down. They also have many interesting guild skills, and are probably the most newbiefriendly guild there is, competing for that status with Atreides only.

Play Style

Fremen can be either extremely defensive, or offensive in combat based on what the situation calls for. The Fremen still-suit and crysknife which you receive upon joining the guild are both customizable as you increase in guild level. This allows Fremen a bit more customization that many other guilds receive. Fremen also become more powerful the more members of the seitch community there are online; there are also additional benefits for fighting together.


See the main guild page here: Harkonnen


The Harkonnen shock troopers are the main stay of the Harkonnen army. The sheer rage and devastation they wreak on the battlefield puts fear into the hearts of any enemy; the shock troopers are by no means cannon fodder. Their unique battle rage makes them vicious brawlers, especially when their signature battlesuit armour is augmented with an assortment of horrific ripping blades.

The Harkonnen army is one focused on offence over defence, injecting themselves with cocktails of performance-enhancing drugs and overwhelming the enemy with a veritable barrage of vicious attacks. However, they are far from 'glass cannons' - in addition to basic medical techniques, an experienced Harkonnen can drain health from their enemies and defeated foes, and can tap into their inner masochism to power through wounds that would bring down a lesser soldier.

Ixian Machine Guild

See the main guild page here: IMG


The Ixian Machine Guild (IMG) was established shortly after the Butlerian Jihad had ended. First it was a secret organization comprised of a few master builder humans who wanted to see a true thinking machine and the old tech robots who inherited the old technology from before the great scattering. The result: a new living machine. A combination of the ultimate in artificial intelligence and human brain imprinting technology. Dermal plating, enhanced reflexes, thermographic optics implants and much more. Be warned that joining this guild may lead to being an outcast among the weak fleshlings; but as always the Machines will wage war against them and show them the true way.


See the main guild page here: Tleilaxu Guild


For aeons the Bene Tleilaxu have cast a shadow of mystery and distrust among the Great Houses and Guilds of the Imperium. They have cultivated an image of revulsion and inferiority among the outsiders, the Powindah. Isolating themselves from all other people they have plotted and positioned themselves carefully throughout the cracks of power in the galaxy with their knowledge of genetic manipulation. They alone know the science of immortality and hold the key to ending Arrakis' monopoly on the covetted spice. After endless centuries of study and experimentation the Tleilaxu have created gholas, clones with the ability to regain the memories of the dead. Do you wish to devote yourself to the Shariat, the Prophet, the Mahai, and the Masheikh and find knowledge and power beyond your wildest dreams? Then abandon your empty life as a Powindah and join us in the shadows.

Play Style

The Bene Tleilaxu are shrouded in mystery but there is some who have seem them perform in battle and were fortunate enough to live to tell the tale. It is said they could hide in the shadows, moving about like the wind and then suddenly they were upon you, hundreds of deadly darts raining upon their foes. They are shape-shifters, able to change their shape to appear as any being they so desire. Men have told stories of seeing one of these diminutive men turn from slick and agile to towering and strong as an ox from the Old Earth. There is even rumors of them being able to store all the equipment they could ever need inside the folds of their robes. If you ever come in contact with one try and hide as long as you can for the Bene Tleilax strike suddenly and swiftly but after some time they will return to Tleilax to resupply.

Imperial Sardaukar


See the Sardaukar Guild page.

Honored Matres

See the main guild page here: Honored Matres


The Honored Matres are an army of savage female warriors, formed by Fish Speakers and Bene Gesserits in the Scattering. They embody the best of both, their viciousness matched only by the most ferocious of Fish Speakers, their control over their bodies surpassed only by the most skilled of Reverend Mothers. They are known for their nearly supernatural speed and reflexes, and their superior physical, as well as mental conditioning. They are masters of martial arts, some Matres specializing in charging their opponents headon, and some more skilled at using their enemies' power against them. Finally, in addition to their combat prowess the Honored Matres possess unique skills of manipulation and seduction, the likes of which even the Bene Gesserits can barely comprehend.