"He who controls the spice, controls the universe!“

-Baron Vladimir Harkonnen


The Harkonnen shock troopers are the main stay of the Harkonnen army. The sheer rage and devastation they wreak on the battlefield puts fear into the hearts of any enemy; the shock troopers are by no means cannon fodder. With legendary battlerage and survival skills, they can conquer anything.

Guild Leadership

Guild Master - Maverick

Enforcers - Jo, Castronaut

Mentat - Djdara

Getting Started

Welcome to House Harkonnnen! You will soon be a hardened killer whose drug-fueled rage demolishes all opponents.

First Commands

stats - Views your guild file
ghelp - List of gskills
ghelp guild - List of help topics
gwho - List of Harkos online

First Combat

Make sure your autorage is set to 'on'. Check this by typing 'autorage'. At the beginning of a fight let loose your rage by typing 'battlerage'. If autorage is on you will automatically use rage attacks each combat round. At first you have a single rage attack, bodyslam, but more will become available as you grow. If the rage attacks are too spammy for you, type 'briefr' to shorten them.

Once an enemy is dead you may 'grill corpse' to make a highly tasty portable snack - you can usually get multiple slices per corpse, and you can carry up to 99 at a time (they don't weigh anything). Then 'eat slice' to consume a slice of your grilled foe and regain some HP and CP. You can only eat so many slices before you get full, as determined by your Con stat. Grilling itself consumes a small amount of CP and the number of slices you can get from a single corpse depends on the 'grill' gskill as well as the first aid skill. Remember to 'keep all slice' so that you don't accidentally sell them at the shop!

After a while you will have unlocked a few more rage attacks and an important gskill: drain. Typing 'drain' while in combat steals some of your opponents HP, while 'drain corpse' will recover some HP and CP from a fallen foe. Using drain on corpses will be the main source of your gxp, so make sure you use it on every kill.

Along with drain you will have unlocked your first drug: morphine. You can 'inject morphine' and gain a substantial combat bonus for a while. You morphine supply is replenished after time automatically. Other drugs become available later and give a variety of bonuses.

As far as skill-training priority, you will want to focus on raising your Battlerage and Drain skills over others. Battlerage is the core of your damage, as well as a source of significant boosts to your stats while it's active. Drain will greatly increase your combat sustain by giving a large boost to how much health you recover when you use it, and also increases the gxp you get from draining corpses, making for far faster advancement. After Battlerage and Drain, Bind and Parry are your next most important skills to raise. Bind isn't a great heal, but a heal's a heal and it's a cheap, easy skill to raise. Parry is your main guild defence and is one of the major tools that will keep you alive in a fight.

Guild Skills

Straight from the 'ghelp' index.

|  Glvl  |   Rage   |   Drug   |   Slave  |         Other         |
@    1     bodyslam      ---        ---        bind, autorage,    @
@                                              briefr, disarm,    @
@                                              grill, appraise,   @
@                                              test, battlerage   @
@                                                                 @
@    3      punch        ---        ---            ---            @
@                                                                 @
@    5      kick       morphine     ---      drugs, drain energy  @
@                                                                 @
@    7      knee         ---        ---            ---            @
@                                                                 @
@    9      elbow        ---        ---            ---            @
@                                                                 @
@   12       ---         ---        ---           switch          @
@                                                                 @
@   15      smash      steroids     ---           poison          @
@                                                                 @
@   20       ---         ---        ---           refit           @
@                                                                 @
@   25       ---      thyroxine     ---     terrorize, sacrifice  @
@                                                                 @
@   30     bearhug     semuta       ---            ---            @
@                                                                 @
@   35       ---        lsd        enslave,      uppercut         @
@                                  torment                        @
@                                                                 @
@   40       ---        ---         ---            gnaw           @
@                                                                 @
@   45       ---       crack        whip     accept, calm, pkwho  @
@                                                                 @
@   50       ---        ---         cut           surgery         @
@                                                                 @
@   55     necksnap     ---       sacrifice        ---            @
@                                                                 @
@   60     <find out>   ---         ---            ---            @
@                                                                 @
@   65       ---        ---         ---    <find out>, <find out> @

Guild Score Card