Sardaukar Guild

The Sardaukar guild is one that gives you the opportunity to be a part of the Imperium's most elite army, combining martial discipline, technical prowess, and cunning savagery in battle. There are no longer any prerequisites to joining, nor are there any quotas to be maintained, so you may enlist right at level 1 if you wish. You will have to prove yourself with minimal tools at your disposal until player level 10, at which point you can (and should) choose one of two subguilds, which will thereafter shape your gameplay:

Warrior - The Sardaukar Warriors are a subguild that revolve around melee weaponry, including but not limited to every type of bladed weapon available, which they can master to a higher degree than nearly any other. They use the 'berserk' mechanic to shrug off enemy attacks, and are optimized for fighting multiple enemies at once. The Warrior subguild has two further divisions: those who use a single weapon, benefiting from much higher defensive capability, and those who dual wield, benefiting from much higher offensive power. Much like your choice of subguild, the choice of single weapon or dual weapon is a permanent one, so consider carefully before committing.

Assassin - Sardaukar Assassins, while still capable of wielding a limited number of weapon types, are more focused on unleashing devastating martial arts combinations that each Assassin designs and practices. Combos are comprised of many different types of punches and kicks, and become longer and more elaborate as the Assassin grows. Optimized for one-on-one dueling, Assassins can unleash terrifying amounts of damage with a combination of stealth advantage and well-designed martial arts combos. However, Assassins have far lower defensive capabilities than their Warrior counterparts, and are strictly limited in what types of equipment they can use, putting more reliance on their raw physical capabilities.