Ornithopters: General

     Congratulations on the purchase of your brand new Arrakis Ornithopter, 
brought to you by the wonderful people at Pharmare.   Your ornithopter is a 
complex tool, regarding much in the way of maintenance and care in order to 
properly function.                                                          
     You may  wish to keep the following  simple controls handy  when using 
your Pharmare Arrakis Ornithopter:                                          
     Entering         : To  enter your ornithopter, or someone else's,  you 
                        can use either 'board' or 'enter'.                  
                        Syntax:  [board  enter] ornithopter                
     Leaving          : To  leave any ornithopter you happen to be in,  you 
                        can use either 'leave' or 'exit'.                   
                        Syntax:  [leave  exit]                             
     Lifting off      : You  can't get  anywhere in your ornithopter  until 
                        you can get it off the ground. Use the 'takeoff' or 
                        'liftoff' commands to do this.                      
                        Syntax:  [takeoff  liftoff]                        
     Landing          : You  can't exit from a flying ornithopter; use  the 
                        'land'  command  to return  to  the safety  of  the 
                        Syntax:  [land]                                     
     Docking          : You  don't  want  to  leave  your  Pharmare Arrakis 
                        Ornithopter  out in the open where just anyone  can 
                        steal it, do you?  Find a  landing pad, and use the 
                        'dock' command to bring her home to safety.         
                        Syntax:  [dock]                                     
     Taking command   : Anyone  can hop into the pilot's seat by using  the 
                        'pilot',  'steer' or 'control' commands.  You,  the 
                        proud    owner    of    your    Pharmare    Arrakis 
                        Ornithopter, can take  control  of your Ornithopter 
                        at any time, and a pilot that has proven himself or 
                        herself  to be asleep at the wheel can be  replaced 
                        with these two commands.                            
                        Syntax:  [control  pilot  steer]                  
     Giving command   : Should  you decide that  someone else deserves  the 
                        joy  of flying your  Pharmare Arrakis  Ornithopter, 
                        you  can  give  up  control   with  the  'relieve', 
                        'release' or 'stoppilot' commands.                  
                        Syntax:  [relieve  release  stoppilot]            
     Movement         : Your Pharmare Arrakis Ornithopter can fly in any of 
                        the eight cartesian points, north, northeast, east, 
                        southeast, south, southwest, west, and northwest.   
                        Syntax: [n, ne, e, se, s, sw, w, nw  or any of  the 
                                long versions of those directions]          
     Refuelling       : It's  true; your Pharmare  Arrakis Ornithopter  can 
                        run out of fuel.  To keep  it in top condition, you 
                        will want to refuel it.  This can be done by flying 
                        to a refuelling pad and using the 'refuel' command. 
                        Syntax: [refuel <amount>]                           
     Theft Prevention : Pharmare   Arrakis  Ornithopters   are   very   hot 
                        commodities, and we at  $YELLOWPharmare recommend that you 
                        'lock' your ornithopter when  you are not using it. 
                        Your  locked ornithopter can  be unlocked with  the 
                        'unlock' command.                                   
                        Syntax: [lock  unlock] ornithopter                 
     We  at Pharmare would like to thank you once again for your  purchase, 
and  hope you have as much fun flying your Pharmare Arrakis Ornithopter  as 
we did building them.  Thank you once again for your patronage.