Dune Mud is a classic LP MUD based in Frank Herbert's DUNE Universe. Since 1992 Dune has been the LP MUD of choice for several generations of DUNErs. Create a character in one of ten guilds and explore the 30,000+ game rooms. Enjoy opt-in PK and numerous in-game quests.

Friendly players! Social atmosphere! Passionate playerbase! Active wizard staff!

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You may connect to Dune now, using telnet - dunemud.net, port 6789


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Wiki Sections

  • About Dune MUD - Learn about the past, present and future of the MUD
  • Getting Started - We were all newbies at one point! Get a head start on your MUDing career in this section.
  • Guilds - Learn about the wide array of guild choices available to you.
  • The Dune Universe - A section detailing Frank Herbert's Dune Universe. Here you will find terminology, thematic information, and information about the books and movies that inspired the MUD.
  • MUD Staff - Learn about the current and past Dune MUD staff. Information about becoming a contributor to Dune MUD will be detailed here.
  • MUD Players - Learn about the rich cast of characters we can't get rid of that frequent the MUD.
  • Current Projects - See what's in the works, or coming down the pipe.
  • Maps - Learn about all the different areas you can play on Dune. We're a huge world, don't spend all of your time on Giedi Prime!
  • Quests - A good way to earn money and experience by methods other than violence.
  • Clients - Mudding is tough work when you're playing on telnet. Download a client and see the difference it makes!
  • Coding - New to coding? Experienced coder, but never worked with LPC before? Here are some examples to get you started.
  • MUD Tips and Tricks - General useful information not available through help files.
  • PK logs - See some intense Player vs. Player action