Bene Gesserit Guild GMCP

BG guild information is sent in the Char.Guild module, specifically the “Char.Guild.Stats” submodule.

Submodule Content
Char.Guild.Stats General Information


Data Field Description
GuildLevel Your guild level
GuildExp Your gexp
NextGuildLevelCost Cost for the next guild level
GuildStatus Title, if you are a ranked member
Consciousness Consciousness points
MaxConsciousness Maximum consciousness
ConsciousnessRegen Consciousness regeneration
Resilience Resilience points
MaxResilience Maximum resilience
ResilienceRegen Resilience regeneration
Endurance Endurance points
MaxEndurance Maximum endurance
EnduranceRegen Endurance regeneration
Spice The amount of spice in your system
SpiceTolerance The amount of spice you can tolerate
Prana Your Prana level
NextPranaLevelCost Cost for the next Prana level
Manipulation Your Manipulation level
NextManipulationLevelCost Cost for the next Manipulation level
Bindu Your Bindu level
NextBinduLevelCost Cost for the next Bindu level
Weirding Status of your weirding buff
Blitz Status of your blitz buff
FortitudeCharges How many fortitude charges are left