Info: variables

Usage: variables

Print a list of environmental variables used by the game.


Colour & Communication:
ansi               Set to 'on' to enable colour. (see help color)
tell_to_colour     Colour of your own tells.
tell_from_colour   The colour in which you see tells from others.
listen_to_pose     Whether or not you want to see posed messages.
color_room         Shows room exits in colour, also room description colours.
channel_color      Channel1:color1,channel2:color2. (see help color)
no_channels_wrap   Forces channel messages to be one-lined, instead of wrapping them
                   to a 80-character terminal, making gagging etc easier. (yes/no)
Personal & Application:
login_cmd          Command issued on login (ex: who).
logout_cmd         Command issued on logout.
no_build           Disable the '\'
private_info       Hide your finger info to all (except to some admins).
homepage           Set this to your Internet URL and it will appear in your finger info =)
timezone           See 'help time'
chime_hour         Informs you when the hour changes.
keep_sent          Keep a copy of all sent mud-mail.
prompt             See 'help prompt'
firstaid           Allow use of firstaid skills on you.
no_aid             Refuse Atreides' aid.
wheel_of_fortune   Set to 'yes' if you want to take part in the Wheel (see help wheel)
All variables: 
ansi                channel_output      brief               no_aid
listen_to_pose      channel_color       shut_poison_up      firstaid
lottery             login_cmd           who_opts            fprompt
color_room          logout_cmd          more_lines          tprompt
chime_hour          full_armoury        armoury_odd_a       allow_gtrain
no_channels_wrap    private_info        armoury_odd_b       confuse
no_combat_prompt    homepage            armoury_even_a      ii_opts
defense             timezone            armoury_even_b      party_list
party_security      trader_options      cols                whitelist
msp                 tell_from_colour    format_numbers
prompt              tell_to_colour      no_build
skills_display      color_room          keep_sent

See also: set