Here you will see graphical maps that are still work in progress. Each planet will get its own map which players may use to navigate themselves around the MUD.

Watch this space for the maps and all things related.

[UPDATE] Project Cartography : I would be grateful to players who can submit area locations [ planet ]-[directions from AP]

Greymtr 2010/04/07 15:11 2013/04/19 12:50

Try this for a start: expareas. —
Luther 2013/04/19 14:09

Already started incorporating those areas into the map…problem is if there are any other areas that are important other than those given in that page , by 'important' I mean all places worth noting- stores, ghola centres , etc,etc,etc not only enemy bases…. — Greymtr 2013/04/20 11:45