Connecting to Dune Securely with TinTin++

DUNE and TinTin+ + both support Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Connections to Dune using TLS are encrypted so that your password and other data are secure at all times. By contrast, when you connect to Dune on the telnet port (6789), there is no encryption and your password and all other data are transmitted insecurely over the internet.

If you're using TinTin++ there's no reason to use the telnet port! Choose the secure port (6788) instead!!

How to Connect Securely

  • In your TinTin++ config, instead of creating a profile for Dune using the #session command, use the #ssl command.
  • Change:
    #session {name} {host} {port}
  • To:
    #ssl {name} 6788

That's it! By simply using #ssl and port 6788 you'll be connecting securely!