Autoloading Items

There are a number of nifty items that persist with your character across logout and death.

Item Location Description
news hearer Wallach n,e view history of mud events
pkbook Wallach, n,e,d gives you various pk-statistic commands
CiMBAY Device any CiMBAY store remotely bid on auctions
trash compactor Ix e, n, n, e, s get rid of junk and reclaim a few solaris
hi-tech watch Ix e, n, n, e, s you'll never guess
pet parrot Salusa SRC a pretty parrot you can command
luck stone Hawk Island +5% xp, rumored to be broken
shimmering cloak given to you by another player fancy cloak
Tleilaxu eyes bought at shop n,e from Tlx AP for 25k solaris not really an item, but a permanent ability to see in the dark
Golden wedding band after getting married allows communication and special emotes
teddy bear when married, obtain from Arrakis Chapel a cute bear that you can command
Tags Ix Ventura then e,2s,5e,2s,3wAn Ixian Mercenary sells these little gadgets give you info about gained experience and more