Communication: Channels

      Usage: <channelname>                                                         
      <channelname> -h                                                      
      <channelname> <message>                                               
      <channelname> :<emote>                                                
      <channelname> ;<feeling> [arg ...] ...                                
   Control usage:                                                               
   channels <chan> on                                                       
   channels <chan> off                                                      
   channels <chan> history                                                  
   channels <chan> list                                                     
   channels <chan> color                                                    
   channels <chan> invite <player>                                          
   channels <chan> join                                                     

Channels are the primary method of inter-player communication on Dune. Talking on them is free, they can be turned on and off, and you have a few different ways to express yourself on them. You can also invite other playes to non-guild channels you are already on, for a price.

Typing just the channel's name will give you a list of all visible players  
on that channel.  Idle players' names are prefixed by an asterisk.          
   <channelname> -h                                                         
Typing the channel's name followed by "-h" will give you a short history of 
what has recently been said on the channel, by whom, and all lines are      
   <channelname> <message>                                                  
Say <message> on the chosen channel.                                        
chat Hi, everyone.                                                          
[chat] Someone : Hi, everyone.                                              
   <channelname> :<emote>                                                   
Perform the <emote> action on the chosen channel.  Note the colon.          
chat :waves to everybody.                                                   
[chat] Someone waves to everybody.                                          
   <channelname> ;<feeling> [arg ...] ...                                   
Perform the pre-defined action <feeling> on the chosen channel, with the    
selected arguments.  Arguments can be player names, the word "all", and     
any of the defined adverbs.  Some feelings require targets, others ignore   
them, and some feelings have predefined adverbs.                            
chat ;wave slowly                                                           
[chat] Someone waves slowly.                                                
Feelings can also be chained together for added effect, and adverbs can be  
shortened as long as they are unambiguous.  If they are ambiguous, you will 
receive a message to that effect.                                           
chat ;wave happi dance cackle sadi                                          
[chat] Someone waves happily, dances and cackles sadistically.              

See also: communication,emotions