Other: Get

USAGE: get <item> [from <container>]                                        
    or get all [<item type>] [from <container>]                             
<item> identifies a unique item of your inventory.                          
<item type> can be:                                                         
   an item identifier (bag, sword, etc)                                    
   an item category (armours, weapons, bags, foods, drinks, drugs)         
   an armour type (l_hand, r_hand, l_leg, etc)                             
   a weapon type (long blade weapons, knives and daggers,...)              
    (this last is case insensitive)                                         
<container> is usually a bag, chest, or some kind of items that may         
contain something.                                                          
get <item> [from <container>]                                               
Standard pick up, attempts to move the specified item for the room          
or a container into your inventory.                                         
eg: get torch                                                               
    get ring from bag 2                                                     
get all [<item type>] [from <container>]                                    
Pick up all items that are in the room or in a container item.              
eg: get all                                                                 
    get all armours from pack                                               
    get all long blade weapons                                              

See also: drop, keep