General: Healing

The  main  way  of  getting killed in DuneMUD, is getting your Hit Points   
drained.  If you are not suicidal, you would probably wish to avoid that.   
No  matter  how strong you are, you will eventually get hit, and to avoid   
dying, you must make sure to heal your HP often.  There are several  ways   
of accomplishing this:                                                      
A)  The  simplest  way  of  healing,  is simply doing nothing.  You could   
    always just wait for your  wounds  to heal by themselves, regaining a   
    small amount of your HP every  few  seconds.   However,  due  to  its   
    speed, this way of healing is utterly useless in combat.                
B)  Another  effective  way of healing for newbies, which do not have the   
    patience to wait for  autohealing  and  have  some spare solaris, is   
    using newbie dispensers.  These  dispensers  can  be  found  in  many   
    newbie areas. However, they cannot be used beyond level 7.              
C)  A  healing  method  that often costs somewhat more solaris, is simply   
    eating.  Food can be obtained in  various ways, the most common being   
    buying it in shops.  Food is very useful in combat, as  it  can  heal   
    instantly,  quickly,  and anywhere, but costs quite a bit, and has an   
    eating limit before becoming satiated.                                  
D)  Most, if not  all  guilds,  have  one  or  more  healing skills. Vast   
    majority of those skills are quite useful  in  combat.  Consult  your   
    guild's help files for more information.                                

See also: combat, wimpy, killing