General: Killing

Being the main means of gaining experience, killing monsters (A.K.A mobs or NPCs) is one of the most important aspects of playing MUDs. To succeed in doing so and remaining alive, one must know several things:

A)  Before starting  to fight  monsters, one should first set his  wimpy    
    percent.  If wimpy is not  set,  you could easily find yourself dead,   
    even to a monster much weaker than you, after several fights.           
B)  Always consider your opponents before attacking. After all, knowledge   
    is power.                                                               
C)  Many  objects  in the MUD can be of great help in fighting mobs. Such   
    objects may range from weapons and armour, to food, and to many other   
    various items which can be obtained in various ways and places.         
D)  If  you've already joined a guild, you should make sure you know your   
    guild's  gskills,  weaknesses   and   advantages,  before  you  start   

See also: combat, wimpy, consider, experience, healing