Other: Other commands

alias Useful for lazy ones.
bug <msg> Tell the admins a bug.
get <obj> [from <obj>] Get an Object
give <obj> to <name> Give an Object
history (#) A list of your past commands
idea <msg> Tell the admins an idea.
password <old> Change your password.
quit Bye bye, see you soon.
save Saves yourself.
seq Do some commands in one line.
set ansi on Turns on your color.
suicide Delete yourself, forever!!!
typo <msg> Tell the admins a typo.
unalias Undo an alias.
verbose See long desc of rooms.
follow <name> Follow a player.
stopfollow <name> Stop following a player.
fblock <name> Disallow a player to lead/follow you.
funblock <name> Allow a player to lead/follow you.

There are help files linked to all of these topics.