From feelings list

Verb          Short description
8)           :You go '8)'.
accuse       :You point your finger at yourself and say you did it!
ack          :You ack.
admire       :You admire yourself.
adore        :You adore yourself adoringly.
afk          :You will be Away From the Keyboard for a while.
agree        :You agree.
ah           :You finally get the idea into your thick skull and give an 'ah' of comprehension.
amen         :You go 'Amen, brother'.
angel        :You hide your wings and goe incognito  0:).
ape          :You goes ape throwing things.
apologize    :You apologize.
applaud      :You applaud.
argh         :You go 'ARGH !'.
arguing      :You think arguing on the Internet is like running in the Special Olympics.  Even if you win, you're still
ashield      :You wear your AntiSPAM Shield(tm) and set it to the highest setting.
ask          :You ask:?
aspam        :You wear your Anti-SPAM Shield(tm) and set it to the highest setting.
awesome      :You sing and dance 'Everything is Awesome!'.
aworm        :You jump into a blue sleeping bag and start crawling, shouting "I am the Blue Sandworm !!!".
ayak         :You yaks, just like Amethyst.
ayt          :You wave your hand in front of your own face, are you there?
ayt2         :You knock yourself on the head saying : Hello? Anyone home?
babble       :You go 'Eeba eeba eeba eeba'.
badmin       :You bob up and down, fishing for admin, just like Botzy.
bah          :You go 'Bah!'.
baha         :You go 'Bahahahahahahaha'.
bahum        :You go 'Bah Humbug!'.
baja         :You go 'Bajajajajajajaja'.
bansign      :You hold up a sign with the words 'yourself - BAN!' scrawled on it.
barf         :You barf copiously.
bark         :You bark doggily.
bastard      :You go 'Now that's a dirty little bastard!'.
bat          :You bat your eyes at yourself.
bats         :You sends a gigantic horde of bats.
bbl          :You suddenly notice the time and say : Be Back Later!
bbl2         :You suddenly notice yourself and say : Be Back Later!
bbruce       :You knows yourself used a Bruce bot script and got banned just like Shadow.
bcry         :You scream at yourself in Battle Language and looks evilly at your weapon.
beam         :You beam proudly.
bearhug      :You give yourself a Great Big Bonecrusher of a bearhug.
beep         :You triumphantly beep yourself on the nose.
beer         :You tosses an ice cold brew.
beg          :You beg.
beware       :You go 'Beware of the Penguins'!
bgill        :You throw your hands up in disgust, point and blame yourself.
bimbo        :You drool at a poster of 'Bimbo World'.
bingo        :You shouts "BINGO!".
bite         :You bite yourself on the neck.
blah         :You go 'Blah'.
blame        :You throw your hands up in horror, point and blame yourself.
blink        :You blink unknowingly.
bliss        :You say 'Hey yourself, if ignorance is bliss, you must be fucking orgasmic by now!'.
blush        :You blush.
bmreh        :You ban yourself quickly, just like Mreh.
bob          :You bob up and down.
bog          :You bog at the conc.
boggle       :You boggle at the concept.
bogleg       :You bogleg at the concept.
bognog       :You bognog.
bonk         :You bonk yourself with a rubber mallet.
boogie       :You boogie.
boom         :You go 'Boom'.
boomstick    :You says "This... is my BOOMSTICK! It's a twelve-gauge double-barreled Remington. Walnut stock, cobalt
blue steel, and a hair trigger. This baby was made in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You can find it in the sporting goods 
department. That's right. Shop smart. Shop S-Mart. YOU GOT THAT?!?!" .
booze        :You gets drunk and does the Monkee's walk.
bopple       :You bopple yourself on the head.
bossguild    :You code a guild half-assedly, just like Boss.
bounce       :You bounce.
bow          :You bow.
brb          :You lift up one finger and exclaim : I'll be right back!
bs           :You go 'BS!!!'.
bslap        :You bitch slap yourself.
bszak        :You know Zak is so BS, his butt smells like lillies!
bubble       :You bubble happily.
bud          :You go 'You're not getting my 'Bud Light', Jonny.'.
buggy        :You go 'What does this mean: destructor: *Too long evaluation. Execution aborted.destructor: *Too long
evaluation. Execution aborted.destructor: *Too long evaluation. Execution aborted.     query_weight: *Too long 
evaluation. Execution aborted.destructor: *too long evaluation. execution aborted.    query_weight: *too long 
evaluation. Execution aborted  ?', just like Tex.
burp         :You burp rudely.
bust         :You bust down a beer in a shotgun manoeuvre that would dazzle even Johnny Bravo!
byee         :You go Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
cackle       :You cackle gleefully.
caff         :You declare that sleep is a poor substitute for caffeine.
caress       :You caress yourself on the cheek.
carma        :You play Carmaggedon (R) and terrorize the streets of Milwaukee in your El Lumina.
cdrop        :You drop Sithlord from a cliff, just like Maverick.
cheer        :You cheer enthusiastically.
cheesehat    :You say "Je suis une pomme de terre avec un chapeau de frommage!".
chew         :You chew on your bottom lip thoughtfully.
chill        :You chill without breaking a sweat.
choo         :You run around shouting 'Woo Woo i'm a Choo Choo'.
chortle      :You chortle wholeheartedly.
chuckle      :You chuckle politely.
clap         :You clap.
clear        :You clear your throat.
clint        :You morph into Clint Eastwood, grin at yourself and say: Do you feel lucky punk? Well, do ya... PUNK!?
cluck        :You cluck like a rabid chicken.
clue         :You need a clue.
cmon         :You Go "C'Mon Screen... Move".
cmon2        :You Go "C'Mon Clock... Move".
coded        :You find code demons moving yourself around the Mud.
coke         :You tosses an ice cold coca-cola.
comfort      :You comfort yourself.
complain     :You complain.
conc         :You conc at the bog.
congratulate :You congratulate yourself.
conspiracy   :You go 'It's a fucking conspiracy!'.
cookie       :You stuff a cookie in your own mouth.
cool         :You go 'Coolies'.
coolio       :You go 'Coolio'!
cough        :You cough noisily.
cower        :You cower in terror.
cracker      :You think the cheese has finally fallen off your own cracker.
cringe       :You cringe in terror.
crisco       :You play Naked Crisco Twister(tm) with yourself.
cry          :You cry.
cuddle       :You cuddle yourself.
cuervo       :You do a double shot of Jose Cuervo straight up.
curse        :You curse.
curtsey      :You curtsey.
damn         :You go 'Damnation!'.
dance        :You dance.
daydream     :You slip into a daydream.
dclutch      :You double clutch your twin-turbo diesel Diamond-T, just like Clutch.
dduck        :You dance the disco duck.
dear         :You go 'Yes, dear'...
dflex        :You flex your desting fingers.
die          :You go 'die die die'.
diepeace     :You want to die peacefully in your sleep like your Grandpa did, rather than screaming like the passengers
in his car.
disagree     :You disagree.
doff         :You dapperly doff your hat, quite unlike Pic.
doh          :You go 'Doh!'.
doo          :You go 'Doobie, Doobie, Doo'...
downgrade    :You go 'Downgrade!', just like Iolai.
drag         :You tie yourself with a rope by the neck and drag you with a jeep around Arrakis ridges.
drip         :You drip soggily.
drool        :You drool hungrily.
druss        :You walk along the Champs Elysees and suddenly go: "Ouch !!!".
duck         :You duck down and attempt to hide.
ducl         :You ducl down and attempt to type properly.
dude         :You go 'Dude!'.
duh          :You smack yourself in the head for being stupid.
dwar         :You declare war.
eek          :You eek.
eep          :You eep.
eh           :You go 'Eh?'.
ehayt        :You exclaim: Hayt is banished!
ember        :You sneak off with Catia to get 'an ember out of your eye'.
etc          :You go 'Etc'.
eww          :You eww in disgust.
excuse       :You excuse yourself.
exhale       :You exhale sharply.
facepalm     :You facepalm.
fack         :You fucking ack.
faint        :You faint.
fap          :You fap repeatedly.
fart         :You fart.
fartg        :You fart in your own general direction.
fatfuck      :You go 'You're such a fat fuck yourself that when you walk down the street people go: God Damnit!  That's
such a BIG FAT FUCK!'.
fbog         :You fucking bog.
fear         :You shiver with fear.
feh          :You go 'feh' which makes no sense, but hey.
ffear        :You fucking fear.
fgrumble     :You fucking grumble.
fheh         :You go 'Fucking Heh'.
firstcmd     :You recite 'Thou shalt use smart triggers, but not too smart.'.
five         :You give yourself a high five.
fjack        :You freakin laf like Jack Nicholson.
flaf         :You fucking laf.
flagwave     :You wave a flag excitedly that reads: Yay!
flex         :You flex your muscles.
flip         :You flip head over heels.
flirt        :You flirt shamelessly.
flog         :You flog yourself ruthlessly.
flutter      :You flutter your eyelids.
fondle       :You fondle yourself.
fourthcmd    :You recite 'Thine wizards shall not code useless areas, not login for many weeks and expect a promotion.'.
frag         :You frag ferociously.
freak        :You gets all freak nasty on yourself!
freebase     :You grab some melange dust and smoke it in a dirty, glass pipe.
french       :You give yourself a REAL kiss, it seems to last forever.
frog         :You frog.
frown        :You frown.
fstamp       :You stamp your feet like a 4 year old, having a temper tantrum over trivialities.
ftw          :You go 'For the win!!'.
ftw2         :You go 'Fuck the what?!?'.
fuck         :You go 'Don't say fuck any more because fuck is the worst word that you can say!'.
fume         :You fume.
fyg          :You fyg.
gag          :You gag horribly.
gameban      :You ban yourself after a knowingly stupid comment designed only to force argument with the wizard, just
like Kbl.
gasp         :You gasp in astonishment.
gbear        :You eat a gummy bear from yourself's cleavage.
gbounce      :You jump around like a gorilla wearing panties one size too small.
gcomp        :You compile a driver and lag the mud, just like Genesis.
geek         :You call yourself a 'Geek'!
ghome        :You go 'Ok that does it....Screw you guys, I'm going home'.
giggle       :You giggle merrily.
gilkick      :You make Gilligan drink 10 beers while beating him in Air hockey.
gir          :You is going to sing the Doom Song now, just like GIR!
girn         :You girn lively.
glare        :You glare stonily.
glass        :You give yourself a warm glass of SHUT THE HELL UP!!!
gogogo       :You go 'MAKE PORTAR GOGOGO!!!'.
grab         :You grab your own behind.
greet        :You wave in greeting.
grgrin       :You grin evilly :), just like Graham.
gridle       :You go idle without warning for long periods of time.
grimace      :You make an awful face.
grin         :You grin evilly.
gripe        :You gripe yourself.
groan        :You groan.
grok         :You grok contemplatively.
groovy       :You go 'Groovy'!
grope        :You grope yourself.
grovel       :You grovel.
growl        :You growl.
grr          :You go 'Grr!'.
grumble      :You grumble.
grumpf       :You grumpf.
grunt        :You grunt.
gsauron      :You code a half-completed guild, just like Sauron.
gurgle       :You gurgle.
gwarm        :You pull your own hair out and run around yelling: it's global warming, it's global warming, just ask Al
hack         :You go 'shut up i hack you!'.
hair         :You run your fingers through your own hair.
har          :You go 'har har har har'.
harrumph     :You harrumph.
harumph      :You go 'harumph!'.
hate         :You hate yourself.
hateship     :You go 'I hate my ship I hate my ship I hate my ship I hate my ship I hate my ship I hate my ship', just
like Tantza.
hbow         :You bows his head solemnly at yourself.
heel         :You tell yourself to heel NOW!
hef          :You go 'hef' which makes even less sense, but hey.
heh          :You go 'Heh'.
hehe         :You go 'Hehehehehehehehe'.
helloo       :You go Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
hellyeah     :You scream 'HELL YEAH!!!'.
hiccup       :You hiccup.
hide         :You hide behind yourself.
hip          :You go 'Hip Hip Hurray!'.
hit          :You hit yourself in the face.
hkiss        :You bend down on your knees and kiss yourself tenderly on the hand.
hmm          :You hmm.
hmmm         :You hmmmmmmm.
hmmmm        :You hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
hmmmmm       :You hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
hnog         :You send out a few hard nogs.
hold         :You hold yourself in your arms.
howl         :You howl in pain.
hrm          :You hrm.
hrmbaja      :You hrm, then spontaneously go 'Bajajajajajajaja'.
hug          :You hug yourself.
huggle       :You huggle yourself affectionately.
huh          :You look up with a startled expression and say : Huh?
hula         :You wear a grass skirt, and does the hula.
hum          :You hum a merry tune.
hush         :You hush yourself.
idiot        :You call yourself a 'Fucking Idiot'!
ignore       :You ignore yourself.
ikiss        :You go: lambda( ({ 'me }), ({ #'kiss, ({ #'find_player, ({ #'lower_case, "yourself" }) }), "on the nose"
}) ), just like Iria.
indeed       :You go 'Indeed'.
inhale       :You inhale gently.
invasion     :You go 'Invasion Please !'.
iokiss       :You go: lambda( ({ 'me }), ({ #'kiss,.... How did it go anyway?
iriah        :You go : 'Iriahahahahahahahahah !!!'.
irify        :You Irifies yourself.
irock        :You go 'Fear me I rock'.
jacurutu     :You go 'Jacurututututututututu!'.
jesus        :You go 'Jesus!'.
jewsus       :You go 'Jewsus!', just like Iolai.
jskate       :You can see yourself, skating away on the thin ice of a new day, just like Temujin.
jump         :You jump up and down in aggravation.
kcurse       :You curse your @*&^%! keyboard.
keel         :You keel over backwards slowly.
kenny        :You go 'Oh my God!  They killed Kenny!'.
kewl         :You go 'Kewlies'!
kick         :You kick yourself hard.
kickass      :You go 'Kickass!'.
killed       :You go 'Oh my God! They killed yourself! Those bastards!!'.
king         :You think that it is good to be the King just like Kbl.
kiss         :You kiss yourself.
kissa        :You bend over and kisses your own ass goodbye.
knee         :You knee yourself where it hurts.
kneel        :You fall on your knees.
laag         :You calls upon the great worm of Arrakis to swallow up the lag monster.
laf          :You laf.
lag          :You say: Experiencing the lag!!!
lampshade    :You put a lampshade on your own head and declare the party started.
lapdance     :You sit on Sithlord's lap and gets him wet.
lapdance2    :You gets Jasmine wet.
larf         :You recall how we larfed.
laugh        :You laugh.
ldance       :You give yourself a lap dance for a small fee.
ldays        :You wave and say 'Later days!'.
leep         :You go 'Eeeep!'.
leer         :You leer.
leeroy       :You shout "LEEEEEEROY JENKINNNNNNS!!!" and charge into battle.
lfear        :You live in fear.
lick         :You lick yourself.
lieoff       :You turn your lie mode OFF.
lieon        :You turn your lie mode ON.
like         :You like yourself.
listen       :You listen.
lol          :You laugh out loud.
love         :You love yourself.
lsit         :You sit on your own lap.
luf          :You peer at yourself and go "Lighten up Francis!".
magic        :You use your evil magic to force yourself to add an emote, just like Mystique.
maim         :You pull out a 9mm silenced beretta and brutally begins shooting yourself in the gut and knees, watching
in sheer delight while the useless pulp writhes in pain on the ground before him.
mbeo         :You pull out a 50 Cal Beowulf and brutally shoots yourself in the head blowing it clean off.
mchris       :You wishes Merry Christmas.
mcookie      :You buys some dough, slams yourself's face into it, and bakes monster cookies.
mduck        :You call yourself a 'Mud Duck'!
meep         :You go : Meep ! Meep !
meh          :You go 'Meh'.
melt         :You melt.
meme         :You go 'Mememememememememe !!!'.
mental       :You like your own mental state.
meow         :You meow sweetly.
mercy        :You say to yourself : 'That was the most insanily idiotic thing I've ever heard...  At no point in your
incoherent rambling did you even come close to anything resembling a rational thought.  Everyone in this room is now 
dumber for having heard it...  I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul'...
mercy2       :You beg yourself for mercy.
mex          :You drives a phat Ford pickup flanked by 3 chicks.
mfear        :You take a moment to fear yourself.
mflog        :You flog yourself with a marshmallow stick.
mgd          :You pour a tall, frosty mug of MGD for yourself and slide it down the bar, just like Tapper.
midnight     :You exclaim : Getting up at midnight is normal, ask Genesis.
mischan      :You go 'mischan' just like Paradox.
mischan2     :You go 'mischan' unlike Paradox.
mk           :You go 'Mmmkay.'.
moan         :You moan.
moo          :You go 'Moo', just like Benedict.
moon         :You whips down your pants and shows a full moon.
moron        :You call yourself a 'Babbling Moron'!
moses        :You go 'Moses!', just like Iolai.
mosh         :You mosh violently.
mpeople      :You go 'kickass more people !!!'.
muah         :You let out a rip roaring Muahahahahahahaha!!!
mumble       :You mumble.
mutter       :You mutter.
myemote      :You whine about getting an emote with your name in it.
myemotetoo   :You whine about getting an emote with your name in it, just like yourself.
nads         :You kick yourself in the nads.
nail         :You goes, "You hit the nail RIGHT on the head.".
narf         :You go 'Narf!'.
nasty        :You go 'Nasty!'.
nay          :You shake your head and decry 'Naaaaaaay!'.
newb         :You think yourself is a complete and utter newbie.
nibble       :You nibble on your own ear.
nig          :You nig.
noban        :You hope that being the biggest moron on the planet will somehow help yourself avoid getting banished.
nod          :You nod.
noddle       :You noddle solemnly.
nodnod       :You nodnod noddingly.
noemote      :You doesn't want an emote with your name in it.
noemotetoo   :You doesn't want an emote with your name in it, just like yourself.
nofear       :You has no apparent fear of yourself whatsoever.
nog          :You nog.
nogged       :You go 'Nogged'.
noggle       :You noggle.
nogleg       :You nogleg.
not          :You go 'Not!'.
np           :You go 'No problem'.
nudge        :You nudge yourself.
nuzzle       :You nuzzle noses with yourself.
nyg          :You nyg.
ofc          :You go "Of course.".
ogg          :You ogg.
oh           :You look blank and say 'oh'.
ok           :You go 'Ok'.
old          :You say to yourself: You kill monsters like old people fuck, do you know that?
omelette     :You think yourself is a few eggs short of a western omelette.
omg          :You go 'OMG!!'.
omw          :You go 'OMW!'.
one          :You type one-handed.
oops         :You wince and go 'Oops...'.
oopsie       :You look around guiltily and go 'Oopsie'.
oshit        :You go '0|-| 5|-|1+', just like Hazard.
oskool       :You is oldskool just like Dayakin.
ouch         :You go 'Ouch!'.
pale         :You turn white as ashes.
palma        :You pimp yourself on the street, just like Alma.
pant         :You pull up your pants.
pants        :You whips down yourself's pants!
parade       :You think yourself is two floats short of a parade.
pat          :You pat yourself on the head.
patronize    :You patronize yourself , patting him on the head.
pchild       :You go: "I play with children", just like Maverick.
pdoll        :You hand yourself a plastic doll from a sex shop, just like Desdemona.
peer         :You peer at yourself.
pfm          :You sing 'Welcome to the Machine' just like Hayt.
phew         :You wipe your brow saying : Phew!
phyl         :You go 'Proceed with the chlorophyll!!!'.
picnic       :You think yourself is a few sandwiches short of a picnic.
pin          :You pin the tail on your own butt.
pinch        :You pinch yourself.
plop         :You plop down on your own lap.
pnoid        :You get all paranoid and kick your own arse while running towards the nearest exit, just like Mystique.
poetryed     :You type 'ed' and crash the MUD.
point        :You point.
poke         :You poke yourself in the ribs.
pond         :You throw yourself into a nearby pond.
ponder       :You ponder over some problem.
ponderat     :You ponder questioningly at yourself.
pounce       :You pounce yourself playfully.
pout         :You pout.
powindah     :You go 'Dieeeeeeee, powindah!', just like Amoukl.
promvex      :You express an exasperated vexation caused by the malfunctioning contrivances of Prometheus.
proposition  :You fall to your knees and proposition yourself.
prove        :You say to yourself : I didn't do it, I didn't see it, I wasn't even there, you can't prove a thing!
pucker       :You pucker up ready for a kiss.
puff         :You puff puffingly.
puke         :You puke on yourself.
punch        :You punch yourself in the eye.
puppy        :You look at yourself with your puppy dog eyes.
purr         :You purr.
puzzle       :You look puzzled.
quack        :You quack quackingly.
quiver       :You quiver excitedly.
qwerty       :You run your fingers along the keyboard.
raise        :You raise an eyebrow.
rbot         :You wave your arms around shouting 'DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!'.
recoil       :You recoil with fear.
rest         :You sit down on a nearby rock and rest for a while.
right        :You go 'Right...'.
rightous     :You go Rightous Dude!!!
rlag         :You wave your arms over your head in slow motion groaning "l  a      g".
roar         :You roar loudly.
rock         :You rock.
rofl         :You roll around in a fit of laughter.
rogert       :You goes: Roger that, over and out.
roll         :You roll your eyes to the ceiling.
rpoint       :You point at Ramses (groovy), and accuse him of torturing us with all these silly soul commands.
rtfm         :You tell yourself to "Read the Fucking Manual!".
rub          :You rub yourself.
ruffle       :You ruffle your own hair.
salute       :You salute yourself.
satellite    :You say: yourself! There's an eighty foot satellite dish sticking out of your ass!
say          :You say: nothing.
schblam      :You go 'Schblam'.
schuckle     :You explode in uncontrollable, satanic laughter.
schwing      :You go "Schwing!".
scold        :You scold yourself for being naughty.
scowl        :You scowl.
scratch      :You scratch yourself on the head.
scream       :You scream loudly.
sea          :You float out to sea.
secondcmd    :You recite 'Thou shalt have only one MUD, DuneMUD, and no others.'.
seye         :You pierces yourself 's eye with your fingernail.
sgas         :You suck your gasoline down & spits hell fire at yourself, just like Rekur.
shake        :You shake your head.
shakefist    :You shake your fist.
sheep        :You go 'I love sheeeeeeeeeps'.
shiver       :You shiver from the cold.
shrug        :You shrug.
shudder      :You shudder uncontrollably.
sigh         :You sigh.
sike         :You sikes out yourself with a fake injury, then clobbers you with a pillow.
silly        :You run around in a silly costume, waving a rubber sword in the air.
silly2       :You add silly soul commands, just like Genesis.
sing         :You sing.
siteban      :You siteban yourself after a bogus interrogation designed only to force a wrong answer, just like Genesis.
skyhigh      :You PoGo SkY-HiGH.
slap         :You slap yourself in the face.
sleep        :You sleep at the keyboard quietly.
slobber      :You slobber all over yourself.
slove        :You love sheep.
slurp        :You suck your shot down & spits, just like Jasmine.
smack        :You smack yourself.
smile        :You smile happily.
smirk        :You smirk.
smooch       :You smooch yourself.
smuck        :You think yourself ain't so smuckin' fart.
snap         :You snap your fingers.
snarl        :You snarl.
sneeze       :You sneeze loudly.
snicker      :You snicker.
sniff        :You sniff.
snigger      :You snigger jeeringly.
snooze       :You snooze gently.
snore        :You snore.
snort        :You snort derisively.
snuggle      :You snuggle up to yourself affectionately.
sob          :You sob.
spam         :You load your SPAM Gun(tm) and fire a wad.
spank        :You spank yourself on the butt.
spare        :You think having 2 billion spare experience and doing nothing with it is cool.
spend        :You think spending 2 billion experience in two seconds is cool.
spewg        :You spew your shot of Goldschlager all over yourself.
spit         :You spit on yourself.
squeal       :You squeal like a naughty school girl.
squeeze      :You squeeze yourself fondly.
ssweet       :You goes "Sweeeeet.".
stare        :You stare.
sterile      :You says to yourself, "For the good of the species, may you never reproduce.".
stifle       :You stifle a giggle fit.
stomp        :You stomp your foot.
straddle     :You straddle yourself.
strain       :You ride the soul train : Peep Peep.
strangle     :You strangle yourself.
stroke       :You stroke yourself on the cheek.
strut        :You strut proudly.
sts          :You get the screaming thigh sweats.
stupid       :You look stupid.
sulk         :You sulk in the corner.
surprise     :You surprise yourself.
sway         :You Sway Gently From Side To Side.
sweat        :You sweat.
sweet        :You go 'Sweet!'.
swing        :You swing.
taboo        :You rocks at Taboo (R).
tackle       :You tackle yourself to the ground.
taco         :You think yourself is a few tacos short of a combination plate.
tap          :You tap your foot impatiently.
taunt        :You point at yourself and exclaim "Go away or I will taunt you for second time!".
tetris       :You slam a column down the line you've been saving and shout "T-TETRIS!!!".
thank        :You thank yourself.
think        :You think carefully.
thirdcmd     :You recite 'Thou shalt not abuse a bug and claim it was just an old bot script.'.
thumb        :You suck your thumb.
tickle       :You tickle yourself.
tip          :You tip your hat to yourself.
today        :You go 'T-Ta-T-Today Junior'!
toke         :You toke deeply.
tongue       :You stick your tongue out.
tonk         :You slam your cards down on the table and scream "Fuck you all!".
trediak      :You complain that you can't kill [insert big mob's name here] on his second day in the guild.
trout        :You call yourself a 'Fucking Trouthead(tm)!'.
tsexy        :You think yourself is sexy, just like Carmelapple.
tsk          :You go 'Tsk tsk tsk'.
tthink       :You think so hard, smoke comes out of your ears.
tubby        :You has a little yellow telletubby.
turtle       :You ride the turtle, just like Tink.
tut          :You tut disapprovingly.
tweety       :You goes freakin 'a' tweety.
twiddle      :You twiddle your thumbs.
twirl        :You twirl your hair with your index finger.
tyep         :You kan't seam tew tyep tiwday.
typod        :You exclaim : Did you see that. A huge typo demon took my keyboard!
uaccuse      :You accuse yourself of being 'The Unabomber'!
ug           :You ug in disgust.
ugh          :You ugh in disgust.
unfear       :You unfear.
upspam       :You think that yourself is a useless piece of spam(tm).
utter        :You utter:.
violin       :You grab your imaginary violin and start playing for yourself.
votedune     :You remind all to vote for Dune at!
wait         :You wait patiently.
wana         :You stare at yourself and say : We are not amused!
warren       :You point at yourself and yell: "you was MASTURBATING!!!".
watch        :You watch the surroundings carefully.
water        :You swears to take your own water before the day begins.
wave         :You wave happily.
wazzup       :You go 'Wazzuuup!'.
wedgie       :You grabs yourself by the pants and gives yourself a huge wedgie.
wha          :You go 'Whhaaaaaaaaaa?'.
whee         :You go 'WHEEEEEEEEEE!'.
whew         :You go 'WHEW!!!'.
whimper      :You whimper pathetically.
whine        :You whine.
whip         :You crack your whip and beckon seductively at yourself, just like Cookie.
whistle      :You whistle appreciatively.
wibble       :You wibble violently.
wiggle       :You wiggle your bottom.
wii          :You go 'Wiiiiiiiiiii!'.
wince        :You wince painfully.
wink         :You wink knowingly.
witch        :You point at yourself and yell "you's a witch!  Burn you!".
wobble       :You wobble yourself.
wolf         :You look yourself up and down and whistle sexily at your physique.
wonder       :You wonder.
woo          :You go : Woo Woo.
woot         :You go "Woot!" excitedly.
worm         :You fly into the air shouting 'I am a Sand Worm!'.
worship      :You worship yourself.
wrap         :You wrap your arms around yourself.
wtf          :You go 'What the fuck?!?'.
wtf2         :You go 'What the fark(tm)?!?'.
wth          :You go 'What the heck?!?'.
wtype        :You pReTeND tO Be aBLe To tyPE muCH MorE WidLy THan Llama.
xeyes        :You cross your eyes inanely.
xyzzy        :You think that they are playing some dumb, archaic adventure game.
yadda        :You go 'Yadda Yadda Yadda'.
yawn         :You yawn.
yay          :You wave a little flag and exclaim 'Yay!'.
ydm          :You point at yourself and go "You Da Man!".
ydw          :You point at yourself and go "You Da Woman!".
yell         :You yell in a high pitched voice.
yes          :You go 'Yes, and'???
zag          :You zag.
zig          :You zig.
zigzag       :You zigzag.
zing         :You go "Zing!".
zomg         :You go 'ZOMG!!1'.
zonk         :You zonk out.
zort         :You go 'Zort!'.