General: Marriage Guidelines

If both parties are intending to get married, they must first comply with   
these guidelines and follow the instructions.                               
1.  There must be two witnesses, each one must be a different witness;      
2.  The parties getting married should not already be married;              
3.  The parties getting married are of the opposite genders.                
GETTING MARRIED                                                             
In  order  to  be  married,  the two parties have to be at least level 3.   
Sorry, but we consider  that  as  a  guarantee  that the players won't be   
automatically deleted for too long inactivity.                              
To get married you have to follow these instructions:                       
1. Wedding clothes will be automatically given to the future spouses  and   
   their witnesses.                                                         
2. The 'male' ask the lady if want to accept to marry him. He should type   
   'marry  [hername]'.  If she agrees, she says 'i accept', otherwise she   
   says 'i refuse'.                                                         
3. The priestress will  ask  for  the  witnesses  to state their name for   
   recording. Each witness types 'state [myname]'.  At  this  time,  each   
   witness will be given a dress or a suit, depending of their gender.      
4. Then, the two future spouse will go to their  dressing  room,  getting   
   dressed  by servant girls of the Bene Gesserit and new recruits of the   
   Bene Warriors. When they will come back, the priestress will close the   
   weddings. Each party should answer 'i will' to conclude their union.     
To get divorced  with  your  spouse,  use 'divorce [spousename]'. Beware,   
there will not be asked any confirmation. The  two  spouses  need  to  be   
present in order to be divorced.                                            
If for some reason you have lost  your wedding ring, come here and type :   
'reclaim band'.  This should only be done if you lost it! 'removing' your   
band will disable band channel and emotes.                                  
The chapel located n,n,w,w,w,w from Arrakis astroport.