General: Armouries

As of September 11th, 2005, most guilds will have a standard guild armoury, where they can deposit and borrow equipment. Guild officers will have a way of determining who has borrowed what, and who has deposited what.

Any guild member can “list” at the armoury room, to see what is in stock. Any guild member with permission can “resize” any or all of their equipment, can “deposit” any or all equipment and can “borrow” an item from the armoury.

In addition to the full list you receive by simply typing “list”, a player can type 'list armor' to view all armours, 'list weapon' to list all weapons, 'list <type>' to list all items of that type, or even type 'list <partialname>' to view a list of all items with <partialname> as part of their short or long description.

The 'full_armoury' environment variable can be set to remove the message when viewing really long armouries. This should make a few people quite happy.

A guild officer can “crackdown” on someone to see what they have borrowed or deposited, or they can locate an item by full or partial name to see who has borrowed items of that type. See inroom commands for details on how to use the commands.

Also, some colour options have been added, since I heard a lot of people complaining about my inability to pick colours that match.

set 'armoury_odd_a' and 'armoury_odd_b' to define the colourscheme for oddnumbered list numbers, and 'armoury_even_a' and 'armoury_even_b' to define the colourscheme for evennumbered list numbers, and the headers.

   B W   :   Bullet Weapons               Crys :   Crysknife               
  H 2 H  :   Hand to Hand                S B W :   Short Blade Weapons     
  A & M  :   Axes and Maces              L B W :   Long Blade Weapons      
  S & O  :   Staffs and Oaks             2 H W :   Two Handed Weapons      
  K & D  :   Knives and Daggers          Th W  :   Thrown Weapons          
   Wh    :   Whips                        Las  :   Lasers                  
  Total  :   total                      Helmet :   helmet                  
  Amulet :   amulet                     L_Arm  :   left arm                
  Armour :   armour                     L_Foot :   left foot               
  Arms   :   arms                       L_Hand :   left hand               
  Body   :   body                       L_Leg  :   left leg                
  Boots  :   boots                      Legs   :   legs                    
  Cape   :   cape                       R_Arm  :   right arm               
  Chest  :   chest                      R_Foot :   right foot              
  Energy :   energetic                  R_Hand :   right hand              
  Exo    :   exoskeleton                R_Leg  :   right leg               
  Gloves :   gloves                     Ring   :   ring                    
  Head   :   head                       Stom   :   stomach                 
  ???    :   unknown type