Information: Info

Here is a brief list of commands that allow you to view/change personal information:

away [<msg>] Show to other people that you are away.
chfn Change your finger info.
email Change your email adress.
examine <obj> (exa <obj> or x <obj>)
finger [<name>] Some info about other players.
glance The short desc of the room you are in.
htell The last tells you got.
i (inventory) What am I carrying ?
look [at <obj>]
pretitle Change your pretitle. (level 20)
protection How am I protected ?
qwho Quick who.
report Reports you your HP/SP.
score (sc) Some info about yourself.
skills At what am I good ?
title Change your title. (level 30)
variables The variables you may set.
who Who is connected ?

See also: other