Information: who

Syntax: who [ghlpqrsvw]                                                    
Show all current players.                                                   
g   Sorts players by guild.                                                
h   Show players who are hunted by other guilds.                           
l   Sort players by level.                                                 
p   Show players only.                                                     
q   Show quick who.                                                        
r   Sort players by rank.                                                  
s   Show short who.                                                        
v   Show players who have vowed for other guilds.                          
w   Show wizards only.                                                     
Additionally, you can 'set who_opts' to any of these letters, and it will   
automatically assign those options to who every time you use the command.   
'set who_opts sg' will always show who in short mode, sorted by guild.      
However, typing who with other arguments, or who , will show that list     
instead of using your set options.                                          
A nonred * in front of a wizard's name indicates that he or she is         
currently available to answer your questions, while a red * means that the  
wizard is probably not there.  If there is no * in front of the wizard's    
name, it means that you must take your chances when asking him or her a     

See also: other, info